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Samsung has started restructuring its robotics business

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May14,2024

Samsung company engaged in restructuring of robotics business

There is almost no need to doubt that Samsung Electronics will maintain a number of initiatives related to the field of robotics, because the ranks of specialized developers will be supplemented by specialists who previously worked on the creation of autopilot in transport. However, important structural changes will be made within the Korean company's robotics business, according to sources.

At least, Business Korea reports that Samsung has decided to dissolve the Robot Business Team division, which was directly involved in development and training before the mass production of the so-called "wearable robot" Bot Fit, which is a kind of part of the exoskeleton, which is attached to the belt and helps to move the legs of a person. The development group was first separated into an independent structure in December 2021, and now the result of its activity can be considered the readiness of Bot Fit for the start of mass production.

Specialists who participated in the creation of this robot will be transferred to divisions, in which they worked until 2021, or will join the new team, which is personally led by the technical director of Samsung Research, Jeon Kyung-hoon. He will consolidate the company's efforts in the field of development of robotic solutions. However, some sources fear that Samsung's management will favor Rainbow Robotics' capital by increasing its stake from now on.

Natasha Kumar

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