Samsung has released a 43-inch smartphone giant: photo

The TV with smartphone features Samsung Sero aimed at an audience that enjoys video TikTok and storis in Instagram

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Samsung выпустила 43-дюймовый смартфон-гигант: фото

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Announced last year a Samsung TV with a “swap orientation” was the most unusual of all available models. The novelty has received the name Sero and is a 43-inch TV on quantum dots, which is rotated 90 degrees, in such situation it becomes like a giant smartphone that is comfortable to view vertical video. Now Samsung Sero went on sale, and its price is 1999 dollars.

Samsung aimed at an audience that enjoys smart phones. Portrait mode the TV needs to make it perfect for “mirroring” the screen of a mobile device to watch anything shot vertical orientation, for example the history of Instagram, videos, TikTok and content Snapchat. The company added that the portrait mode can also be suitable for viewing photos and visiting the “shop comments”. The South Korean manufacturer also believes that this orientation will be better for viewing web pages in General.

Samsung выпустила 43-дюймовый смартфон-гигант: фото

Price of the Samsung Sero is 1999 dollars

To “turn” the TV into a giant smartphone simply by touching the device on the frame Sero and the TV automatically turns into portrait orientation. TV is compatible not only with Samsung smartphones, but with iPhone, and is able to stream content with AirPlay 2.

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Sero is already available for purchase in South Korea. Later Samsung will put the new around the world. For the 43-inch screen with a 4K panel QLED buyers will have to pay 1999 dollars. However, in addition to the portrait mode, the buyer also gets 4.1 channel sound, built-in 60-watt speaker system on a stand and microphone to control AI assistant Bixby Samsung voice commands.

Samsung выпустила 43-дюймовый смартфон-гигант: фото

Samsung Sero

Earlier, Xiaomi flooded the market with TV giants for a ridiculous price. At the same time 8K TVs flying off the shelves in a pandemic.

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