Samsung delivered Galaxy Note 20 of camera problems Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung is preparing the release of a new advanced smartphone Galaxy Note 20, which do not get camera problems Galaxy S20 Ultra. The South Korean manufacturer spared this mobile device from the shortcomings of its predecessor.

Samsung избавила смартфон Galaxy Note 20 от проблем камеры Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra was allocated to the main chamber 108 MP, led flash, four times optical zoom and image stabilization. However, the advantage of the gadget was his fault. The owners of the flagship have begun to complain about the camera S20 Ultra. For correction of errors, engineers have spent months, and at this time users are forced to waiting for a device with normal features. Network insider Ice Universe announced that a new flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 20 devoid of problems inherent in its predecessor. In normal smartphone focus camera.

However, there is one thing that will upset fans of Samsung products. Galaxy Note 20 got a display without the support of the screen refresh rate 120 Hz at maximum resolution. This fact more than others will upset gamers. For lovers of video games, the refresh rate is important because it is responsible for the rate of change of the picture. Than this process occurs faster, the more smoothly changing animations and increases the realism of what he saw.

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