Salma Hayek's confessions about the most exotic dances with which she seduced viewers

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The Mexican artist charmed Hollywood with her rhythm and sensuality, however, she demonstrated her talent for more creative roles, catapulting her as a producer and businesswoman


Adriana Castillo

Salma Hayek's confessions about the most exotic dances with which she seduced the audience

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Salma Hayek is considered one of the Latin American artists with the greatest impact in the international entertainment industry thanks to his fruitful career full of iconic characters where he has highlighted his sensuality with unforgettable dances for moviegoers around the world.

And it is that, during the last For 30 years, she has played everything from a young woman desperate to get out of poverty (Teresa) –in a Mexican soap opera- to an empowered superheroine in Disney (Eternals).

Among the multiple roles that she has played on the big screen, characters that positioned her on the entertainment radar for her attractive and curved body stand out, a key piece that made her one of the most sensual women in cinema. In addition to her imposing beauty, the actress has conquered the entire world with exotic dances that have even put her life at risk and led her to face one of her greatest fears

Salma Hayek's confessions about the most exotic dances with which she seduced the audience

Salma Hayek ventured into the world of acting when she was around 23 years old in a landmark soap opera on Mexican television: “Teresa”. (Instagram photos: @salmahayek)

“You or Madonna”: the time she almost lost a character due to a terrible phobia

After making her fellow Mexicans fall in love with their stars, Salma Hayek dared to try her luck in the Hollywood industry. At first she was rejected because she was outside the beauty standards then accepted in the United States and other parts of the world. Despite the criticism, she remained firm thanks to the support she received from the renowned Argentine actress, Rosa María Bianchi, she made it known at a press conference in her native country.

When I started, no one believed in me and they told me that I had no talent, that I was useless, that I was short (I'm 1.57 cm tall) and I was very dark, ugly, that I wasn't going to do it and that I should dedicate myself to something else. Well yes, many times I almost gave up and the person who really taught me, not just acting, but to believe in myself, and partly also because I had great respect for him, was my hero, my idol… I wanted to be Rosa María Bianchi when I grew up; she supported me in a thousand ways.

Salma Hayek's confessions about the most exotic dances with which she seduced the audience

The Mexican artist has confessed that she is even terrified of plastic snakes (YouTube Capture: From Dusk to Dawn)

It was so that in 1996 she played Satanic Pandemonium , a dancer who worked in what appeared to be a Mexican nightclub, but was actually a refuge for fearsome vampires. This is From Dusk Till Dawn, a film directed by Robert Rodriguez written by Quentin Tarantino and starring him, who also served as a screenwriter, as well as celebrities such as George Clooney and Harvey Keitel.

It was in this film that Salma Hayek did her first iconic dance despite suffering from Ophidiophobia-fear or panic of snakes-. As the actress has recounted in various interviews where she dared to show her most sensual steps surrounded by a yellow python that measured approximately three meters after a warning from the director:

“I wasn't scared and it was getting closer to making the movie. Then Robert threatened me, he told me: 'If you don't get rid of your fear, I'm going to give your role to Madonna. She's not scared and she's going to do very well ’ […] I had a phobia of bugs as they say here. One day they had to slap me to come to my senses because I saw a dead woman in the distance,” he told in an interview for Viva el lunes in 1997.

So great was his fear that he could not see a snake even dead, but he could not afford to lose a role in an international film, so he resorted to a method to face his fear and be able to record: “I was to be hypnotized […] someone told me that he could help me and he did something very strange to me, I don't know what it was, witchcraft, but it was something like that kind of esoteric and it went away.”

Salma Hayek managed to improvise a dance -showing off her spectacular figure in a black bikini- following both the rhythm of the music and the movements of the snake, without imagining that the warning he received from his colleagues was a complete lie, since Madonna had no idea about the movie. However, her scene is considered a milestone in her career.

Although her phobia was blocked, she reappeared years later. Even during the promotion of They are like children she experienced moments of terror when she saw a snake near the lake where she was being interviewed with her co-stars.

Salma Hayek stole sighs as a schoolgirl

After the success she achieved with From Dusk Till Dawn, the artist born in Veracruz, Mexico, began starring in dances for the big screen. It was so that in 1999 she surprised everyone with sensual movements when she got on the stage of a nightclub, but now dressed as a schoolgirl in Dogma .

The artist stole the film directed by Kevin Smith with a scene where she stripped out of her wardrobe to find herself in pink lingerie while doing a bit of pole dancing.

“I play a muse and I think what a beautiful thing to play a muse. She also made me (the director) do a striptease dance in that one while chewing gum, ”she said about her character in an interview for GQ Mexico.

The other face of Frida Kahlo

The actress played one of the most famous Mexican painting artists, Frida Kahlo. All the passages that were recreated in the film version that was released in 2002 served to learn a little more about his life that explain the background of his paintings. Among the scenes, one stands out in particular because Salma dances very close to Ashley Judd, who gave life to the photographer and activist Tina Modotti.

“My connection with Frida and the movie gave me a purpose more than anything, it wasn't just a movie. She was my hero, but she also meant a lot to me all the things that I wanted to complain about in the world or change the perceptions in the world, she could do that with this film […] she just breaks out of the stereotypes that they use for everyone Latin American characters,” he told GQ México.

The dances of “Americano”

In 2011, < b>Salma Hayek wowed audiences once again with a sensual dance scene in a French film written and directed by Mathieu Demy. The film tells the story of two childhood friends who meet again after several years in a Mexican nightclub where Lola worked as an exotic dancer.

On that occasion, the woman from Veracruz wore a bob cut redhead wig, < /i>a hat and a set of black lingerie while dancing on stage.

Salma Hayek could have died in “Magic Mike's Last Dance”

The Mexican actress will conquer her fans again this February 2023 with sensual Steps. And it is that she will star in hot dance scenes with Channing Tatum . Everything indicates that the filming was a complete success, however, he experienced moments of terror due to an accident he suffered when he was moving on the belly of his co-star.

“I'm upside down and my legs were supposed to be somewhere, but upside down you lose your sense of direction and I didn't do what I was supposed to do. In rehearsal I was face down and he almost hit me,” he told Jimmy Kimmel.

“So instead of putting my hands up to protect my head, I just held on to my pants. He says 'Raise your hands' and I said 'No, no, no, no'. Everyone came in and kind of pulled me away from him and he was like, 'What's wrong with you?' I said: 'What's wrong with me? You almost killed me,’”, he commented.

The sexy nurse from “Across The Universe”

In this 1998 film, Salma is one of the hallucinations that the character of Max has, where the actress appears in a sexy nurse's outfit, attending and caring for the sick, and the best thing is that it's not just one Salma but five. The dance that she performs is enlivened by the song Happiness is a warm gun by The Beatles.

On tape The Velocity of Gary Salma showed that she has the rhythm inside, with which a simple and simple dance invites eroticism without genres. The film is about a woman who is in love with an adult film actor. Their relationship becomes complicated when he is diagnosed as HIV-positive, and an old acquaintance offers to help him.

Although her Latina beauty earned the actress recognition on screen great, her dedication, intelligence, charisma, and hard work evolved her into an entrepreneur and producer, proving that she was not just a pretty face, but a powerful woman who took Hollywood by storm, a dream that seemed impossible.

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