Sainz's tremendous scare: “It was a feeling that I do not wish on anyone”

Sainz's tremendous scare: “It was a feeling that I do not wish on anyone”

The Spanish left after a chilling accident on the finish line, caused by the too late warning from the 'safety car'.

Sainz's tremendous scare:

Carlos Sainz got out of the car with a slight pain in his left hand. A mere scratch for what might have happened to him at Mugello. “It is a very dangerous situation that should not be repeated,” said the McLaren leader after his ugly accident on the finish line, when he took Antonio Giovinazzi ahead. A multiple crash caused by the 'safety car' and the miscalculation of Nicholas Latifi .

“In the back half of the grid we believed that the race had started. Someone believed it and then we all had to brake and there was a domino effect. We have all touched everyone,” Sainz explained in statements to Movistar F1.

Carlos was trying to catch the slipstream to overtake and suddenly he found all the cars that had been left after Latifi's maneuver. The Williams driver had moved to the left to pass Kevin Magnussen and the impact also took Romain Grosjean ahead.

“It was a feeling that I do not wish on anyone, because it was at a very high speed. It reminded me of what happened last year, when you go 250 km / h and you find cars stopped in the middle of the track. We are going to have to talk about what happened today, “Sainz said.

At least McLaren was able to save sixth place from Lando Norris , who sits in fourth place in the World Championship, still two points ahead of Alexander Albon . The Woking team will have a break before traveling to the Russian GP. “It will be an important week to recharge batteries. This weekend has been rare and difficult for the team,” concluded Sainz.

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