Sailors of the sunken “Moscow” want to again “throw” to the war in Ukraine – media

Sailors of the sunken “Moscow” want to again “throw” to the war in Ukraine – media

They want to send the sailors of the sunken Moscow back to the war in Ukraine, – media

Photo: sunken cruiser "Moskva"/

Parents of sailors of the cruiser "Moskva" they say that they want to send their children to the war against Ukraine again. Now the conscripts are on the Ladny patrol ship, which is not very suitable for campaigns.

Novaya Gazeta writes about this. Europe".

According to the publication, referring to the appeal of the sailors' parents to the “military prosecutor's office” Sevastopol, to the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers and to the Commissioner for Human Rights, they complain that on June 30 they want to involve the sailors again in the so-called “special operation”.

The appeal also says that now on " Okay” keep 49 conscripts from the cruiser and many of them do not want to participate in hostilities again.

At the same time, the authors of the appeal point out that the patrol ship itself has been in operation for more than 30 years and needs to be repaired.

It is indicated that the parents of conscripts demand not to send their sons, who, after the sinking of the cruiser, were promised to be transferred to land, again to war zone.

"Our children, conscripts, have already been wrongfully involved in "SVO" on the cruiser “Moskva”, received combat mental trauma as a result of the disaster. We consider it unacceptable to re-engage in combat those who have experienced a psychologically traumatic situation”, – write the parents of Russian soldiers.

BAGNET recalls that on April 13 it became known that the Ukrainian military launched a missile attack on Moscow. This is exactly the ship that took part in the storming of Zmeiny Island and was sent by the Ukrainian border guard.

As reported in the media, the number of crew of the Moskva ranged from 416 to 680 people. The vast majority of them probably died.

According to Ukrainian intelligence, officials and special services continue to force the families of Russian sailors to conceal information about the dead on the cruiser, 27 crew members, including 19 conscripts, are still are considered “missing”.

We add that recently the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation included the crew of the sunken cruiser in the list of “participants in a special military operation”. At the same time, the participation of the ship itself in the war is still hidden.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga