“Sadder than dancing with my sister”: a well-known coach found an interesting analogy matches without spectators

Luis Enrique understands that it is impossible to bring fans back to the stadium

Main Spain coach Luis Enrique has led an unusual analogy matches without spectators. In connection with the pandemic coronavirus most Championships around the world went into quarantine, and they where allowed to play, spend in front of empty stands. By the way, we wrote that on the match the players instead of fans supported sex dolls.

“Playing without fans is even sadder than dancing with your own sister. I’ve seen a few matches of the Bundesliga at the weekend and it was awful. You hear absolutely everything, all the insults. It lost the intimacy of the best moments,” said Enrique.

However, the coach understands that it is impossible to bring fans back to the stadium. According to some projections, fans will be able to attend matches no earlier than 2021.

“However, before the matches with the fans, we need to do a long way. I understand that games without spectators can help people cope with the limitations. But to watch football in these circumstances is strange.

If I were a player I’d like to get back on the field as soon as possible. I would not be afraid. Personally I’m not worried about the virus, but I know that it can affect the elderly and people with poor health. As a coach, I want football back” – quoted by Enrique ESPN.

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