S7 Center started to develop a light launch vehicle

S7 Center started to develop a light launch vehicle

Employees of the development center of the S7 group of companies have started implementing a project aimed at creating a light launch vehicle with a reversible first stage. This information appeared on the organization's website.

S7 Center started developing a light launch vehicle

Image via: commons.wikimedia.org
The S7 report says that the experience gained will be used in the future in the construction of a new rocket for a floating cosmodrome. It is known that we are talking about a two-stage carrier with a liquid engine. The product is planned to be launched from the Sea Launch cosmodrome, which lost its Zenith rocket after the events of 2014 in Ukraine. It was produced at one of the Ukrainian enterprises from components supplied from the Russian Federation. Later, Roscosmos announced the development of the Phoenix. This rocket is currently called the Soyuz-5 or Irtysh. She was supposed to replace Zenit. At present, Roskosmos recommends using this particular carrier for launching S7. The first launch is planned for 2023.

Earlier it became known about the freezing of some S7 projects. The reason was the coronavirus pandemic. In April, the launch of missiles from Sea Launch had to be suspended. The economic situation turned out to be so difficult that the company had to take forced measures. By the way, the Sea Launch project was launched back in 1995. In 2016, it was bought by S7. In 2020, the complex was delivered to the Russian Federation from the United States.

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