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Ryan Reynolds: This Comic Book Adaptation Is The Best According To MCU Star

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun19,2024

For several years, comic book adaptations have flourished on our screens. Ryan Reynolds has not only appeared in several Among them, he is also a fan of the genre. In an interview, the star revealed what movie is next? in his eyes the best cinematic transposition of these comics, and some of you will approve of his choice!

Ryan Reynolds: this comic book adaptation is the best according to the MCU star

ryan reynolds is full of praise 'praise on this adaptation of comic books

Currently in the middle ofpromotion ofDeadpool 3, the Marvel film that is about to be released to beat this box office record, Ryan Reynolds continues with interviews and sets. Scheduled for a theatrical release on July 24, the film will see theloudmouth mercenary from Marvel team up with ; another famous mutant, Wolverine. Performed For more than twenty years by an indestructible Hugh Jackman, the X-Man has returned from the dead to help our anti-hero to defeat save the world.An on-screen duo that is also a duo in real life, the two men loving to tease each other at regular intervals. But they are also and above all admiring of each other! Interviewed by our colleagues at Games Radar, Ryan Reynolds thus affirmed that Logan is the best comic book movie of all time.

Ryan Reynolds: this comic book adaptation is the best according to the MCU star

The films were quite consistent with each other in their own right. that moment. Deadpool was different, and right after Logan was potentially the best comic book adaptation ever made.

It must be said that James Mangold's film, Wolverine's true swan song, was a success. the opportunity for Hugh Jackman to show the full extent of his talent and his understanding of the character. Combining the road movie, the drama, the superhero film, the thriller, Logan is a major work of the 2010s. Many people consider it one of the best adaptations of comics to cinema, and you?

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