Russians torture ZNPP employees – The Telegraph

Russians torture ZNPP employees – The Telegraph

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 Russians torture ZNPP employees - The Telegraph

The Russian military is torturing employees of Europe's largest Zaporozhye nuclear power plant to force them not to tell IAEA inspectors about security threats at the plant.

This is reported by The Telegraph newspaper with referring to the statements of the NPP employees.

According to the plant employees, there is an “atmosphere of fear” at the NPP.

According to the NPP employees, the Russian military arrest Ukrainian personnel and send people “to the basement”.

“People are returning after these” conversations ” in the basement and don't say a word. It will not be a surprise if during the mission's visit they suddenly begin to say what they were told,” the source said.

One of the nuclear scientists also expressed concern about the upcoming visit of the IAEA delegation.

"Because the Russians will arrange provocations, and then they will blame Ukraine for this. This seems to be what they are planning to do,” he said.

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