Russians really want to buy high-quality European products

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Russians really want to buy quality European products

Smuggling is rampant between Poland and the Kaliningrad region, as Rashists living surrounded by civilized countries want to eat quality food.

According to Еuractiv, Russians from Kaliningrad expressed their dissatisfaction in Telegram with the persecution of smugglers.

“Sanctions are in place and you can't even bring in contraband,” complained one person. “They are persecuting people, why don't they give them quality, cheaper food instead?” others wonder.

Last Wednesday (January 11), Russian phytosanitary authorities detained a man who tried to smuggle 20 kg of Polish sausage to the Kaliningrad region, according to Wirtualna Polska. Officials cited the lack of necessary documents and the risk associated with the African swine fever virus.

The sausage smuggler paid the fine. A photograph of confiscated goods released by officials to warn against such practices shows a shopping bag from Poland's most popular discount store chain, Biedronka, owned by the Portuguese group Jeronimo Martins.

The phenomenon of food smuggling into Kaliningrad is on the may actually be much larger than originally thought. One woman from Kaliningrad told Telegram that she saw a lot of cars around the city “with more than 20 kg” contraband products that no one confiscated. She called customs clearance at the border “fantastic”.

Most people traveling to the Kaliningrad region take food bags with them, because there are few goods in stores, and better products are expensive, an employee of the Polish company explained who works at the border crossing.

He added that most travelers are students, people of German origin with Russian passports and Schengen visas, or Russians who have Polish spouses.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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