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Russians have already started a hybrid war against the EU

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun21,2024

The Russians have already started a hybrid war against the EU

It matters that Russia is in reveals another front of the hybrid war with the EU through intensified operations in the Baltic Sea region, reports Bloomberg.

"Russia is waging two wars at once. One of them is the kinetic, primary war in Ukraine. Another hybrid war in Europe and in the West will influence the nature of the suspense discourse and thus steal our sense of security,” said the President of Finland Alexander Stubb

Division of Migrant Groups to the Cordons , jamming of GPS signals and recruitment of criminals for further sabotage – This is all about the actions of Russia. Finland, the Baltic countries and Poland confirm that the meta of Russia – instill fear in the population of their lands.

"Moscow regularly portrays the Baltic countries as fueling the stormy wars of Russophobes, and also receives trolls and armies of bots for spam in social networks them with content, as their special services enforce,” — write Bloomberg.

In view of the European Center of Advanced Intelligence against Hybrid Threats in Helsinki on May 30, Russia is more active, even earlier, in its hybrid operations ii, in order to weaken Europe and destabilize it in the middle.

The reality of Russia carrying out such attacks is surrounded by a strong presence of Russian spies from the EU countries, and officials from these countries say that the stench, as a rule, rises above the Russian plans c.

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Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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