Russians export ammunition from Belarus

Russians export ammunition from Belarus

Russians take ammunition out of Belarus

Photo: Munitions/Ukrinform

Russian invaders are emptying ammunition depots in Belarus – they are taking it to the southern military district of Russia,  "StratCom" APU.

“A total of 12 thousand tons of ammunition is planned to be removed by the end of August”, – the message says.

This, according to the department, indicates that in Russia there is a problem with logistics regarding the timely delivery of ammunition in the right amount to the war zone, and it is so acute that the Kremlin uses a resource from Belarus to provide it.

This is also, according to " Stratcom” gives reason to doubt a possible invasion of Ukraine by the Belarusian army.

“The negative point, of course, is that there will not be an acute and irrevocable shortage in the accumulation of ammunition yet. But with the delivery of them to advanced units – a completely different question”, – they say in Stratcom.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga