Russians dig trenches “like moles”

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Russians dig trenches "like moles"

In the Bakhmut direction, the Russian occupiers do not have defenses with concrete structures, as was the case in the Kherson region, but the defenses are still dense, because they “dig very hard and carefully”.

" They just dig holes, some connections between these holes. A bit like the Vietnamese during the Vietnam War, – said the press officer of the third separate assault brigade Oleksandr Borodin

The enemy is using a large number of occupiers for defense in the east, said Borodin.

"They are bringing in a large number of people. They are destroyed, they are rotated, that is, they do not have an inflow”, – the military said.

The occupiers are actively using artillery and kamikaze drones against the Defense Forces of Ukraine, the press officer also said.