Russians banned from importing many goods to Estonia

Russians banned from importing many goods to Estonia

Russians will be banned from importing many goods into Estonia a ban on the importation from Russia of a long list of sanctioned goods, including alcoholic beverages, this also applies to individuals.

According to ERR, the ban is associated with sanctions adopted at the EU level in order to prevent the purchase of Russian goods that bring Russia significant income and contribute to the financing of aggression against Ukraine.

The complete ban, in particular, applies to the import of alcoholic beverages with a strength of less than 80%. It is also prohibited to import furniture, wood, fertilizers and other goods from the Russian Federation that individuals brought with them daily from Russia.

The Tax and Customs Administration reminded that violation of sanctions is a crime, which can be prosecuted by the Security Police (Kapo) and, by decision of the Prosecutor's Office, the Tax and Customs Board with a final decision in court.

“Depending on the nature of the violation, in the event of a first and unintentional violation, no criminal proceedings will be initiated”, – added in the tax authority.

The department also recalled that sanctions apply to the export to Russia of a number of goods classified as luxury goods, in particular, certain consumer electronics.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich