Russians are preparing terrorist attacks in Poland, – opinion

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Russians are preparing terrorist attacks in Poland, - opinion

Illustrative photo from open sources

The situation on the borders of Lithuania and Poland with Belarus is worsening. Lithuania officially continues to close crossing points, Poland is moving troops closer to the border, political scientist Petro Oleschuk writes.

Meanwhile, yesterday Andrzej Duda announced the ongoing transfer of Russian nuclear weapons to Belarus. And the US State Department spoke on behalf of the embassy in Minsk with a demand for American citizens to leave Belarus immediately.

Against this background, there was information not so long ago that Russian special services are actively recruiting Ukrainian refugees in Poland to participate. in the organization of terrorist attacks.

Of course, this does not mean that tomorrow “something will start”. Most likely, nothing global will happen tomorrow, but the general vector of Russian policy is clear.

In any unclear situation, it is necessary to “raise the stakes”. One way or another, the issue of providing weapons to Ukraine is being resolved. Late, not in the required volumes, etc., but the F-16s have already been agreed, and they will be in a fairly reasonable perspective. And this is indeed a very serious event for Ukraine, because it means, in the future, a further restructuring of the balance on the front.

So, the Russian authorities are beginning to understand that the "final victory" demands cutting off Ukraine from the West. Therefore, it is necessary to continue raising the stakes, hoping that the West will one day back down. Promote "agreement" or “ecalation”, as the latter offering all these body movements in Belarus, which is not a pity at all. Maybe someone's nerves won't last.

Therefore, most likely, this is just the beginning of performances that we will be watching for a long time. A well-known stand-up artist named Lukashenko has his own role here – to send messages that for some reason the Russian side does not want to voice. And hope that this time he will also be lucky, and somehow he will be able to avoid negative consequences for himself.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovych