Russian scientists propose to treat coronavirus as poisoning

Specialists of the St. Janelidze suggested that treatment for a severe form of coronavirus infection could be the same as treatment for poisoning with poisons that provoke an increase in the concentration of free iron in the patient's blood. The scientists presented their conclusions in an article for the “Bulletin of Restorative Medicine”.

Russian scientists propose to treat coronavirus as poisoning

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According to the authors of the material, they came to the conclusion about the possibility of such a treatment strategy for COVID-19 based on the hypothesis put forward by their Chinese colleagues. The latter, for example, are convinced that the coronavirus has a hemotoxic effect, due to which the hemoglobin molecules lose an atom of free iron, which, when released into the blood, provokes damage to the walls of blood vessels, significantly reducing the volume of oxygen delivered to the tissues of various organs. Since patients infected with COVID-19 have just such symptoms, specialists from the Russian research institute suggest treating this ailment as poisoning with hemolytic poisons.

It is worth recalling that the coronavirus pandemic continues in the world, during which the infection has already affected 32.5 million people and killed 989 thousand patients. In Russia, according to open data, more than 1.14 million cases of infection have already been recorded, of which more than 20 thousand were fatal.

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