Russian propaganda may intensify ahead of elections in Poland

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Russian propaganda may increase before elections in Poland

Russian propaganda may increase in Poland this year propaganda due to parliamentary elections scheduled for autumn.

Threats should be expected both in cyberspace and in the propaganda activities of Russia and Belarus, Stanislav Zharin, government commissioner for information space security of the Republic of Poland, said in an interview with PAP.


“These are events for which the ground has been prepared for months. Already in the first months of 2023, we will observe an increase in various activities related to hostile propaganda influence. The experience of our allies and political friends is such that it is the period of election campaigns that activates the Russian side. They want to influence the results of the elections”, – Zharin added.

Through its actions, Russia will try to change people's awareness or perception of reality.

“Russia is adjusting the information tools to fit its strategic goals, now it is a war against Ukraine. Therefore, part of the disinformation will be related to the situation at the front. They will try to push American interests out of Europe or weaken NATO cohesion”, – Zharin explained.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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