Russian officers are too shy for the fact that the army has run its course (audio)

Russian officers are too shy for the fact that the army has run its course (audio)

Russian officers are too timid to let their army program (audio)

Russian commanders call false to get more pennies, and the soldiers are no longer paid for taking off the wounded.

Worry about it on the official Telegram channel of the Head Directorate of the Ministry of Defense. ascribe to "dead souls", in order to get more money for your steps.

"Here to call the commander of the army llє at the vuha to the greater kerіvnitstvu, that everything is for… (wonderful), everyone go out. Buy more people from us. To give tribute, for example: 26 people are on the offensive, and 126 people are on the offensive. I pay pennies for the onset of the cold. 8 thousand for doba for the offensive. 100 people write strong "livy". x… (unexpectedly) stars – in the teal, not in the teal. Vzagali x… (inadvertently) to whom then come pennies. Advance in small groups of 20 people, 15 people each."From yesterday the third battalion started advancing. They had 150 people attacking there. And then I doubt. I think there are 120 people there. Out of them, 23 were wounded, 7 were beaten. In general – minus 30. From i rahuy. Stink there at once to sit more than three, beat them there, snipe them with mortars. Half “glass” (sneaky), half of the "zatrohsotat" and go call. I tell you: taka x… (dissimilarity) will continue for a long time and dreary. Ours is to protect large-caliber artillery. The stench doesn't shoot from large weapons. I don't understand. It’s so hostile that people’s lives are cheaper than lower rockets.

In addition, the Russian soldier tells the squads the nuances of the system of penny wages for injuries.

"They stopped paying at once. As before, we paid three millions to the wounded us, then we’ll all x… (system) passed. Putin is aware that this is a great vision of “grandmothers”. That's why people began to introduce themselves specially. So shoot your hands, or your legs. Chi then stick your hands out of the trenches, if the mortar shelling passes and їhati from the triple “cartoons” (millions). And all: we are participants, we took away three million, we are happy and healthy, more x… (not) let's go. Then they divided it into injured lungs and important parts. For example, fire-fighting in the leg straight through. Docks didn’t hurt your brush – Tse in you is easy. And as your arms, legs, fingers were crushed, bones were shackled, internal organs were damaged, as well as injured. Behind you, there is compensation in the amount of three “cartoons”. Tobto, like to shoot your leg, a fragment to fly somewhere, then everything is x… (dribnitsy). Tobi lay a maximum of 60 thousand. At the minimum, that's all, p… (to finish). P… (go), serve far away».

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich