Russian journalists do not ask questions: the pilot threatened to capture all of Ukraine (audio)

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Russian journalists don't ask questions: the pilot threatened to seize all of Ukraine (audio)


Journalists of the Russian edition of “Important news” called the chief of staff of the aviation squadron of the aviation group Dmitry Golenkov, one of those who are suspected of preparing an attack and strike on the Dnieper, when a missile hit a residential building.

Rashist Golenkov at first thought that they were calling him with questions from Ukraine , because, according to him, “in Russia, journalists do not ask such questions. Journalists don't ask questions at all. As a matter of fact, he practically did not answer the questions, however, he openly threatened to seize Ukraine and join it to the Russian Federation.

Attention! Profanity!

  Prepared by: Nina Petrovich  

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