Russian fishermen have reduced fish catch by 2.5% since the beginning of the year From IFX

Russian fishermen, as of November 28, caught 4.525 million tons of fish and other biological resources, which is 2.5% less than a year earlier, according to the All-Russian Association of Fisheries (VARPE). Almost 72% of the catch came from the Far East.

Production of the main commercial resource – pollock increased by 12.7%, to 1.803 million tons. Pacific herring harvested 416.6 thousand tons (18.8% more), Ivasi sardines – 268.3 thousand tons (11.3% more).

At the same time, mackerel catches decreased by 44.9%, up to 34.8 thousand tons, Pacific salmon – by 49.5%, up to 272.1 thousand tons, cod – by 8.3%, up to 433.6 thousand tons, haddock – by 16.4%, up to 74.6 thousand tons, sprat – by 4.8%, up to 25.6 thousand tons.

Production of fish products during this period amounted to 2.6 million tons, which 2% less than a year ago.


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