Representatives of the traffic police of Russia reminded that Russian car owners can be fined up to half a million rubles due to the transportation of bulky items. We are talking about things in the trunk or interior of the vehicle. The corresponding checks will begin on December 5.

Russian drivers may be deprived of their rights for an oversized item in the trunk from December 5

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Some residents of the Russian Federation have to take out expensive equipment from their garden or summer cottage in winter. Often they try to save money by not hiring trucks, but simply transporting refrigerators, furniture or other bulky items by car. However, often long lengths sticking out of a car can be heavily fined: individuals can pay a fine of up to 10,000 rubles, legal entities – up to 500,000 rubles.

If oversized objects protrude more than half a meter outside the car, the driver may lose his license for 6 months. Corresponding inspections by the traffic police will begin next week. Fines will also apply to rented vehicles. Such violations are now recorded by traffic cameras, the traffic police reminded.



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