Russian cosmonaut revealed the secret of large drawings in Peru

At the present time the expedition on the International space station consists of three people. Recently, one of them revealed the secret of large drawings in Peru.

Российский космонавт раскрыл тайну больших рисунков в Перу

Russian cosmonaut Ivan Wagner away from the scientific work time engaged in photography. He relieves the Earth from space. He recently took pictures of geoglyphs located in the Nazca desert. As for images of Peru, the footage can be see pictures, lots of lines and different shapes. Perfectly straight large trenches look pretty original. There are many theories about their purpose. For example, some experts believe that the drawings created to communicate with extraterrestrial beings.

After studying the photos from space, Ivan Wagner reported that the drawings are not intended for observation from space. He is of the opinion that the trenches are the roads that connect the settlements, just look quite contrasty.

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