Russia will close borders slowly so that fewer people run away, – opinion

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Russia will close borders slowly so fewer people can escape - opinion

The Russian leadership is on purpose slowly tightens control over travel abroad so that potentially mobilized people do not leave the territory of a terrorist star.

“That document that was circulating on the net does not look like a real order to close borders in the Russian Federation. But this does not negate the fact that the border is slowly, but closing,” notes Russian political and public figure, lawyer Mark Feigin.

According to him, various events are taking place in the Russian Federation, indicating that control over the exit increases, but not all at once. And he assumes that up to the desired “condition” it will come to some date, probably before January 15 or February 1.

“But this is not so important, because there is no doubt that the border will be closed. The process is already underway, now there are more categories that are restricted to travel abroad – these are officials, military, special services, judges and others, in general, this is 20-25 million people,” the lawyer noted.

According to in his opinion, if this problem is solved in a general way, it is quite possible that they will reproduce the body that will issue exit permits.

"Got permission – Go get a visa and go wherever you want, so that this issue is not resolved at the border. And the border guards will simply check the availability of permission. Just another regulatory agency will appear. For now, I think, restrictions will be introduced slowly and in such a way that potentially mobilized people do not leave the territory of the Russian Federation,” Mark Feigin emphasized.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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