Russia will build a doomsday plane

Russia will build a doomsday plane

Russia on the basis of the Il-96-400M will build a new aircraft of the “doomsday”, reports TASS , citing a source in the aircraft industry.

“It is planned to replace [Il-80] with the Il-96-400M aircraft. This will significantly increase the time of combat duty of the air command post in the air and will increase the coverage area of ​​command and control, ”the source said.

In May 2019 CNBC TV channel showed the inside air command center of the Air Force (Air Force) US E-4B Nightwatch, which is often referred to as aircraft “doomsday” or “doomsday”.

Doomsday aircraft are designed to control troops in the event of the destruction of ground command posts as a result of a nuclear strike. Currently, according to open sources, Russia has four Il-80s, created on the basis of Il-86. The USA has four E-4B Nightwatch.

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