Russia-Ukraine War Today: Last Hour of the War One Year After Putin's Invasion

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  • MULTIMEDIA | A year of war: this is how the invasion has affected Ukraine, Russia, Spain and the world

These are the latest news about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. See here the key moments of the conflict.

In this live stream you can follow, minute by minute, the latest current news on the war between the two countries: 


1 minute ago

UK and Israel sign trade and security deal

The United Kingdom and Israel signed on Tuesday a “historic agreement” aimed at deepening bilateral ties in technology, trade and security, reported the United Kingdom. the British Foreign Office in a statement. The British Foreign Minister, James Cleverly, and his Israeli counterpart, Eli Cohen, will sign this agreement in London that will define the bilateral ties will continue until 2030, according to the note. In addition, the two ministers hope to address the recent surge in violence in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories, Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the threat posed by Iran. This agreement, described as a roadmap for the bilateral relationship, will allow the ensure that the partnership between the two countries helps address shared challenges. This roadmap contains commitments to deepen cooperation between the two countries, such as security, trade, cybernetics, science and technology, as well as security. As in research and development, the statement pointed out.

1 minute ago

Since the invasion of Crimea , Russia has violated 400 international treaties

Since Russia occupied When he seized the Ukrainian peninsula from Crimea in 2014, his government has violated some 400 international law treaties, including the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, the official said. this Tuesday the Ombudsman of Ukraine, Dmytro Lubinets. “Since 2014, since the beginning of the aggression against Ukraine, Russia has cynically violated almost 400 different treaties of international law, including the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination. Racial,” said Lubinets in statements collected by the local news agency Ukrinform. The ombudsman, who is also a commissioner of the Ukrainian parliament, said that he has filed a lawsuit against the Russian Federation related to the violation of the said Convention before the UN International Court of Justice. ón. The lawsuit accuses Russia of practicing a policy of discrimination against ethnic Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars during the occupation.

< ago strong>2 minutes

Fencing sparks fiery reactions after admitting Russians and Belarusians

As already happened before. Along with boxing, the International Fencing Federation (FIE) has shaken the waters of international sport with the decision to authorize the return of Russians and Belarusians to their competitions, a measure effective from the second half of April but that has already aroused reactions. The most immediate has been the resignation of Germany, Sweden and Finland to organize individual competitions and a similar action is expected by Poland, where the measure would come into force. The World Cup in Poznan is here. Scheduled from 21 to 23 of next month. American shooters who took part in the Busan (South Korea) Grand Prix last weekend tried to compete with the Ukrainian flag sewn on their sleeves, but were banned. At the same time, the Ukrainian federation has announced that it will not participate in the tournament. It was entered in competitions where fencers from Russia, the country invading Ukraine, and its ally Belarus are admitted.

30 minutes ago p>

Russia claims it supplied a daily record of gas to China through the gas pipeline in Siberia

The Russian giant Gazprom announced the On Tuesday, a daily supply record to Beijing was set the day before via the Siberian gas pipeline, which runs through the Russian Far East to northeast China, coinciding with President Xi's visit. Jinping to Moscow. On Monday, “Gazprom delivered the ordered volumes and set a new all-time record for daily gas supplies to China,” the company said. the group in a statement.

51 minutes ago

The NGO issued a statement. Rusa Memorial denounces searches in the homes of several members

The Russian organization Memorial, awarded last year with the Nobel Peace Prize, denounced this. Today the Russian police carry out searches in the houses of several members of the NGO, outlawed last year by the Russian authorities. “Right now, several homes of Memorial members in Moscow are being searched. We call the lawyers,” reported Mr. the NGO on its Telegram channel. According to Memorial, the police search the homes of seven people. “The searches are carried out within the framework of the case on the rehabilitation of Nazism,” said the police officer. Memorial. The criminal case was opened on March 4 against several members of Memorial, based on the suspicion that the NGO was responsible. included in its lists of those who had been punished during Stalinism, people who collaborated with the Nazi occupiers during World War II.

52 minutes ago

China and Russia are “neighboring great powers” and “strategic partners,” says Xi

President Xi Jinping said on Tuesday that China and Russia are “neighboring great powers” and “strategic partners” in an interview with Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin on the second day of the Chinese leader's visit. to Moscow. Xi stated He said that Chinese Premier Li Qiang will “continue to give priority to the global strategic collaboration between China and Russia” and added that he would like to continue to give priority to the global strategic collaboration between China and Russia. He said that “we are great neighboring powers and broad strategic partners,” according to Russian news agencies.

1 hour ago

< p>Russian strategic bombers perform routine mission over the Sea of ​​Japan

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported this. I learned today that two Tu-95MS strategic bombers carried out a routine patrol mission in the airspace over neutral waters of the Sea of ​​Japan. “The duration of the flight was more than 7 hours,” said Mr. the press office of the portfolio, which added a message. The bombers were escorted by Su-30SM and Su-35S fighters from the Eastern Military Constituency Air Force and Anti-Aircraft Defense Group. Defense indicated He noted that Russian strategic aviation regularly carries out flights over neutral waters in the Arctic, the North Atlantic, the Pacific, and the Black and Baltic seas. “All flights of the aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces are carried out in strict accordance with the international regulations on the use of airspace,” the Russian Air Force stressed. the portfolio directed by Sergei Shoigu.

1 hour ago

China hopes Kishida's trip will help cool the situation “and not the other way around”

China expressed Today he expressed his hope that the trip of the Japanese Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida, to Ukraine will serve to “cool the situation” and “not the opposite.” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin declared the He said that the international community should “stay in the right direction of seeking peace” and “promote talks that create the necessary conditions for a political solution to the 'crisis' in Ukraine.” Kishida is traveling to Ukraine today to meet with his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky, according to a report from the Russian Federation. Today the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. The visit of the Japanese president to Ukraine coincides with that of the Chinese, Xi Jinping, to Moscow. Xi is expected to hold talks after his visit to Russia with Zelensky as the West views attempts at Chinese mediation with skepticism.

1 ago >time

Xi conveyed the message to him. He told Putin that “the majority supports easing tensions” in Ukraine

Chinese President Xi Jinping conveyed to him to his homily Russian logo, Vlad í mir Putin, during their talks yesterday in Moscow. The Chinese Foreign Ministry stated that “the majority of countries support easing tensions” regarding the “conflict” in Ukraine. On the conflict in Ukraine, Xi stressed He stated that “there are rational and peaceful voices constantly on the rise. Most countries support an easing of tensions.” “They want peace and talks to be promoted, and they are opposed to adding fuel to the fire,” Xi said during the four and a half hours of conversation, the Chinese Foreign Ministry reported today. in a statement.

1 hour ago

Borrell: No country can face the return of power politics alone

The high representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, affirmed He declared this Tuesday that “no country, no one acting alone, can cope with the return of power politics,” which is why he advocated the return of power politics. Thank you for deepening cooperation with community bloc partners and seeking new ones. “Everyone is concerned, no country, no one acting alone, can deal with the return of power politics, the mix of conventional and hybrid threats, the consequences for climate change. and increasing competition for natural resources, all of these challenges have global consequences,” said Mr. Borrell upon his arrival at the first Schuman Defense and Security Forum in Brussels.

2 hours ago

London says “thousands of Russian convicts” who fought in the Wagner Group will be “pardoned and released”

The Intelligence services of the United Kingdom have indicated this Tuesday that “thousands of Russian convicts” who have fought in the ranks of the Wagner Group will be “probably pardoned and released” after the commutation of their sentences after having participated during six months into hostilities in Ukraine. “The period of recruitment of prisoners by the Wagner Group reached its maximum in the fall of 2022, when the inmates were given a commutation of sentences after six months of service,” they said, before adding They stated that “approximately half of the recruited prisoners have died or been wounded” in combat. Thus, they have stated that “the evidence from Russia suggests that the group is respecting its promise to release the survivors” and have He pointed out that “the certificates given to released Wagner Group veterans state that they were endorsed by a decree of President (Russian, Vladimir) Putin”, according to a series of messages published by the British Ministry of Defense through His account on the social network Twitter.

2 hours ago

The ICC obtains new resources to continue investigating crimes. menes in Ukraine

The International Criminal Court (ICC) obtained greater financial and technical resources on Monday from some 40 countries, meeting in London, to continue their investigations into alleged war crimes in Ukraine, three days after the attack. s to issue an arrest warrant against Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Following the indictment of President Putin on Friday, it was very important (…) to show our concrete support for the ICC,” the president congratulated himself. Dominic Raab, British Minister of Justice, at the end of the conference that brought together the to ministers of Justice and representatives of forty countries. At the end of the day, “we have raised more than 4 million pounds [about 5 million dollars] and numerous non-financial and technical support” in favor of the CPI's action in Ukraine, he added. ; Raab.

2 hours ago

Russia says it rejected the request. Ukrainian drone attack in Crimea

Russian anti-aircraft defense shot down. Several Ukrainian drones were shot in Crimea two days after President Vladimir Putin's visit to the Crimea. to the peninsula annexed by Moscow, announced the Justice this Tuesday. On Monday night, “the anti-aircraft defense repulsed a drone attack near the town of Djankoi, in Crimea,” the police reported. the Committee of Research of Russia. “The targets of all the downed drones were civilian infrastructure,” he added. One person turned out to be She was injured by the fall of the remains of a drone in a house and a store, said the police. on his side the Moscow-appointed governor of Crimea, Sergué i Aksionov. On Saturday, Vladimir Putin commemorated the He visited Crimea for the ninth anniversary of its annexation by Russia and visited Crimea. the navy base in the Black Sea port of Sevastopol.

3 hours ago

Xi could talk to Zelensky

Chinese President Xi Jinping conveyed to him to his homily Russian logo, Vlad í mir Putin, during their talks yesterday in Moscow. The Chinese Foreign Ministry stated that “the majority of countries support easing tensions” regarding the “conflict” in Ukraine. Xi is expected to hold talks with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky after his visit to Russia, as the West views attempts at Chinese mediation with skepticism.

3 ago hours

State of emergency decreed in Dzhankoy after drone attack

The authorities of Dzhankoy today decreed a municipal state of emergency after last night's attack with drones, which left the at least one person was injured in that city on the Crimean peninsula, annexed by Russia in 2014. The extraordinary measure was announced by the head of the Dzhankoi administration, Ígor Ivin, in statements to the channel television channel Krym-24. “All the damaged facilities are under control. Working groups have been organized to assess the damage and pay legal compensation to the victims,” ​​he said.

Ago 3 hours

Russian ambassador to UN says Ukrainian children will be returned “when safe”

The Russian ambassador to the UN, Vasili Nebenzia, has assured that Russia will return the money. He told Ukrainian children “when conditions are safe,” adding that the issue has been “totally exaggerated” by the international community. “We just wanted to spare them the danger that military activities could cause, that's everything,” he said at a press conference at the UN headquarters in New York. “The issue of children being forcibly brought to Russia has been totally exaggerated,” he added.  He has also ensured that the International Criminal Court (ICC); the body that last week issued the An arrest warrant against Russian President Vladimir Putin for the deportation of minors is “completely null and void for us.”

3< ago /strong> hours

At least one injured in Crimean drone strike

At least one person was found. She was injured in a drone attack in Crimea, the authorities of the peninsula annexed by Russia in 2014 reported today. “All the drones were shot down,” said Crimea. the adviser to the Crimean Administration Oleg Kriuchkov was quoted by the official TASS agency. Kryuchkov did not specify. He mentioned the number of aircraft that participated in the attack, which took place last night, but he stressed that they “targeted civilian installations.” “One of them was shot down over a vocational training school in Dzhankoy and fell between the classroom building and the shelter. The others were shot down over residential neighborhoods,” he said. The Crimean adviser underlined He said that in each of the devices “there were explosives and shrapnel.”

3 hours ago

An explosion ;n destroys Russian cruise missiles in occupied Crimea

An explosion, the causes of which are unknown, has destroyed several Russian “kalibr” type cruise missiles in the town of Dzhankoi, while they were being transported by rail, reported the Russian Federation. This Tuesday the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. “An explosion in the town of Dzhankoi, in temporarily (Russian) occupied northern Crimea, destroyed Russian 'Kalibr-NK' cruise missiles during their transport by rail,” the report on the channel said. of Telegram of this organization. The Kiev authorities have not claimed responsibility for what could be a possible attack in this territory that the Russians have controlled since 2014. n that “the process of demilitarization of Russia continues and the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea is being prepared for liberation.”

4< ago /strong>hours

Putinist bodyguards turned residents of Mariupol

It was sung. With the lightning visit of Vladimir Putin to the occupied Ukraine, would come the detailed scrutiny of the images and then the conclusions. And these are not at all favorable for the leader of the Kremlin. Netizens have revealed that the majority of the public who shared the news Those who went with the Russian president to the destroyed Ukrainian city were actually agents of the Federal Protection Service, the institution in charge of ensuring the safety of Russian state personalities, according to a facial identification program that has I checked the images against other snapshots. Even the names of the extras have come out: Ekaterina Lotkova, Dmitri Lotkov, Alekséi Bondarenko and Nikolái Lotkov. Read more at this link.

Ago 4 hours

EU agrees plan to speed up ammunition delivery to Ukraine

The countries of the European Union (EU) agreed yesterday Monday to invest 2,000 million euros in the delivery to Ukraine of one million rounds of artillery ammunition over twelve months, as a way of speed up and strengthen support for Kiev. “A historic decision. Following my proposal, the Member States agreed to deliver 1 million cartridges of artillery ammunition in the next 12 months,” reported the President. the high community representative for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, on Twitter during a meeting of the Union's Foreign and Defense Ministers in Brussels. The plan endorsed today has three tracks and the first one proposes to deliver to Ukraine as soon as possible the ammunition reserves, mainly 155 mm, that the community countries already have or that they have already ordered from industry and receive before next May 31. That ammunition can be Western or Soviet type.

4 hours ago

Ukraine claims that a explosion has destroyed several Russian missiles in Crimea

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has stated that this Monday an explosion has destroyed several Russian missiles that were being transported on the Crimean peninsula, without specifying whether the explosion was due to an attack by Ukrainian forces. Thus, they have confirmed that the explosion occurred in the city of Dzhankoy, in northern Crimea, and would have destroyed Russian Kalibr NK-type missiles while they were being transported by train. For his part, the Russian governor of Crimea, Sergei Aksenov, has stated that the city's air defenses were activated on Monday night against a Russian drone attack, reporting only slight damage to civilian buildings. .

4 hours ago

Japan's prime minister makes a surprise visit to Ukraine< /p>

The Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida, is He is traveling to Kiev on Tuesday to meet with Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelenski, on a surprise trip that makes him the last leader of the Group of Seven (G7) to attend Ukraine since the start of the war. The war on February 24, 2022. Kishida, who was in India to participate in a summit with his Indian counterpart, Narendra Modi, has left the Asian country for Poland, where he has taken A train arrived around 01:30 a.m. (Spanish peninsular time), according to sources consulted by the Japanese television channel NHK.  This visit, Kishida's first, comes more than a year after Russia invaded Ukraine, despite Zelensky's invitation to visit. at the beginning of January to visit the country. The Japanese 'premier' has stated on previous occasions that he was still considering the invitation, adding that he would like to hold it before the G7 summit in May in the city of hiroshima.

4 hours ago

Putin and Xi keep their discussions with Ukraine on the agenda

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping hold a second day of meetings in Moscow on Tuesday, after the Russian president met open to addressing the peace plan formulated by China to end the conflict in Ukraine. On the sidelines of the Chinese president's three-day state visit to Russia, another Asian ruler, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, is traveling to Kiev to meet Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Xi's trip to Moscow reinforces Putin, his strategic ally, who days before was the subject of an arrest warrant against him from the International Criminal Court (ICC) for “war crimes” in Ukraine. On Monday, both allies held discussions for four and a half hours. In an unusual gesture, Putin accompanied the She drove Xi to his car after the meeting.

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