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Russia targeted Sweden's satellite networks after it joined NATO

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun20,2024

Russia targeted Sweden's satellite networks after its accession to NATO

Russia began to create obstacles in the operation of Sweden's satellite networks. This happened after the Scandinavian country became a member of NATO.

This was stated in a letter from the Swedish Communications and Telecommunications Authority, reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to Bloomberg.

The authority appealed to the International Telecommunication Union with a call to consider Russia's harmful actions at a meeting to be held on Monday, June 24.

The letter says that Russia tried to disrupt Sweden's satellite networks on March 21. This happened two weeks after the country officially joined the North Atlantic Alliance.

Swedish authorities said that interference from Russia and Crimea affected three different Sirius satellite networks serving the Scandinavian countries and Eastern Europe.

< p>“These disruptions are, of course, serious and can be seen as part of broader Russian hybrid actions aimed at Sweden and other countries,” Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson said in a Bloomberg comment.

According to him , Sweden is working with other countries to respond to such actions of the Russian Federation.

What preceded

Let us remind you that on May 2, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, Margus Tsakhna, stated that Russia's actions led to a failure of the GPS signal in the Baltic Sea region.

He clarified that the aggressor country is deliberately jamming the signal, and this has increased in the last year and a half.

Natasha Kumar

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