Russia sends blue from the DPRK. How is it vpline to Ukraine?

Russia sends blue from the DPRK. How is it vpline to Ukraine?

Russia is moving blue from the DPRK. How is it going to Ukraine?

Can Kim help Putin?

Sanctions and international isolation are pushing Russia and Pivnichnaya Korea to a greater extent. However, Russia is unlikely to accept military assistance from the DPRK in the war against Ukraine.

Russia and Pivnichna Korea, launching the country’s international trade, are trying to improve the bilateral blue and hang to support the geopolitical ambitions of one of the one in Ukraine and on the Korean farm. As ZMI was told, Pivnichna Korea called for thousands of workers to participate in the renewed self-voicing “DNR” that “LNR” at the gathering of Ukraine, paid for by Russian troops. This was the proposition that Pyongyang should send 100,000 soldiers to take part in the Russian war against Ukraine.

In my own hands, Russia on January 26 supported China, which vetoed the draft resolution for the sake of UN security, which transferred the DPRK sanctions for a series of launches of ballistic missiles on the cob of fate. Formerly since 2006, the Security Council of the UN could not decide on sanctions against Pivnichnoi Korea. Moscow has declared that a new order will be “widthless”.

Russia promotes Pivnichnu Korea in the UN RB

Russia and the PRC, as they became even closer one after another after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, massively destroyed one more rock to the United Nations Republic of Belarus, calling for the declaring of the sanctions imposed against Pyongyang for the program of nuclear missile defense and the development of long-range ballistic missiles.

In the opinion of experts, Russia and Pivnichna Korea will most certainly demand foreign partners, but most of the time, the world has decided against their regimes. Tim for an hour of China to go to analogical positions through claims to the offshore resources in the Belshi unit of the Pivno-Chita Sea ’ Yazan Zyu, Vytosyni, and the same, and such a claim to Tajapaniy, and Japanide, and Japaneniye, and Japaneniye, and Japanese, and Japano Korea.

“Russia and Pivnichnu Korea pov’yazuє dovga іstorіya vіdnosin іz wealthy svіlіmi politіchnymi pozitsіyami. Now the stinks are approaching again, to the one they have a sleeping enemy, and the stench will demand support one by one, so that they can better resist the evil vise & # 8221;, & # 8211; having told DW a great diplomat and the head of the pivdenno-Korean intelligence of Ra Chong Il. According to yoga words, the proposition to send workers to the regions of Ukraine paid off by Russia may & # 8220; great significance & # 8221; for the citizens of the two countries, oskolki in this rank, Pyongyang once again declares the recognition of self-voiced “DNR” that “LPR”.

Tse also can be a viable favor for the DPRK. As the newspaper “Izvestiya”, the Russian ambassador to Pyongyang, Oleksandr Matsegora, said, stating that for the work of the workers in Russia we will pay for the wages of Pivnіchnoy Korea for the possessions and wheat, which we will require. International sanctions are actually blocking the import of goods in the DPRK, and the lack of food in the country for a decade has been the most significant phenomenon.

“It is quite obvious that the DPRK was trying to improve the water supply from Pivdennoy Korea and the United States, but it means that at the same time only Russia and China can rely on it”, – saying to Ra Jong Il. On one thought, looking at the situation, Moscow and Pyongyang stumbled into a stumbling block, it was inevitable.

With such an assessment, it will be fine and Yakiv Zinberg, professor of international relations, who specializes in Western Asia at the Tokyo University of Kokushikan. In other words, a common history is needed by the allies in the situation, if the offending countries are under the international pressure, they were killed by their “natural partners”. “At once, stink to yourself “victims” sanctions and joke ways to get around їх”, – having said wine.

Although the alliance may have a clear victory, Zinberg does not think that Russia will accept the proposition of Pivnichnaya Korea about military assistance in Ukraine and will continue to show caution at the Far Descent, so as not to call out to the greater dissatisfied. “I have developed an enmity that Moscow, like before, is carefully set up to the Pacific region, – saying vin. – Russia cannot allow itself to fight against Korea and Japan, as well as the United States, as it may have a great military presence in both countries”.

Russia will be afraid of a conflict on two fronts

“Russia traditionally was afraid of standing on two fronts, – podkresliv Zinberg. – At the same time, it’s happening (in the war. & # 8211; Ed.) in Ukraine, and it’s similar that such a situation will be saved for another hour, that it’s necessary to get away, be it a situation, as a vimagatime of transferring forces to the Far Skhid” . Therefore, it is possible that Moscow will continue to promote Pivnichnu Korea in words, in order to support its interests, potentially helping to increase the respect of the United States for Pivnichno-Skhidniy Asia, and not for Central Europe, in. With whomever won’t I accept Viysk’s help, I’ll help Pyongyang, inspire like that one.