Russia lost more than 900 elite military in Ukraine

Russia lost more than 900 elite military in Ukraine

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 Russia lost over 900 elite military in Ukraine

Russia has lost more than 900 elite military personnel in Ukraine: special forces, marines and paratroopers.

This is reported by the BBC.

According to them According to the data, the death of:

▪️151 servicemen of the GRU special forces, of which 22% are officers;

▪️245 members of the National Guard, including special forces, SOBR and OMON. Almost every fourth had an officer's rank. At least 16 of the dead had a maroon beret;

▪️at least 20 FSB and FSO officers. Among the dead are officers of the most secret units;

▪️The 331st Guards Regiment of the Airborne Forces from Kostroma suffered the greatest losses among the paratroopers: more than 80 dead officers, including the regiment commander;

▪️in the most elite detachment of the Airborne Forces – The 45th Guards Special Forces Brigade lost 14 servicemen;

▪️marines: the 810th brigade, based in Crimea, suffered the most losses. At least 56 people were killed, including 2 brigade commanders;

▪️67 military pilots were eliminated, including navigators and flight mechanics (crews of combat aircraft and helicopters are the elite of any army in the world, and the training of one sniper pilot can take 15-17 years).

Combined arms units of the Russian army were not ready for assaults. Because of this, Russian elite units had to solve tasks that are usually assigned to infantry.

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