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Russia is significantly ahead of Western countries in the rate of ammunition production

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May26,2024

Russia is significantly ahead of Western countries in terms of production of ammunition

According to the journalists of the British publication Sky News, Russia is almost three times ahead of its Western partners in terms of production of artillery ammunition.

How the rates of production and supply of ammunition from Western partners affect the situation in Ukraine

Journalists of the publication with reference to the calculations of analysts of the consulting company Bain & Company warns of a serious problem that arises in the Ukrainian military due to the fact that they rely on supplies of artillery shells from the EU countries and the USA. the beginning was described as an artillery standoff due to the large amount of ammunition used.

This forced Western partners to seek to increase the production of ammunition at their own defense enterprises.

However, despite the superiority of the economic potential of Western countries over the aggressor state, Russia is still ahead of the West in terms of the production of artillery ammunition.

Ukrainian soldiers on the front lines say that for every one of their shots, the Russian occupiers can fire at least five in response.

Because of this, the Ukrainian military has learned to achieve success using a much smaller amount of ammunition.

Often with one, two or three shells we can completely destroy the target, — emphasized the commander of the artillery battery of the 57th brigade, senior lieutenant Kostyantyn, who is participating in repelling the offensive of the Russian invaders in the Kharkiv region

According to him, the Ukrainian military needs additional supplies of ammunition.

< p>According to the research data, this year in Russia, about 4.5 million artillery shells are likely to be produced and repaired, compared to the total production of about 1.3 million shells in the EU countries and the USA.

It is noted that that the production cost of one 155-mm projectile of the NATO standard is about 4 thousand dollars, while the production of a 152-mm projectile costs Russia about a thousand dollars.

It is emphasized that the problem is also that the Ukrainian as part of the exercises, the military are forced to simply simulate gunshots.

In fact, they are using ammunition for the first time already on the battlefield.

What kind of ammunition does the Ukrainian military need?

We lack N-LAW and we need more. We would like to thank our Western partners for their help. But, if possible, we would be very grateful if they could provide more ammunition to NATO, — recognizes the military's military nicknamed “Bolt”.

Philip McBride, managing director of Thales Belfast, said N-LAW production capacity has doubled since the start of the year and there is scope to double it again.


He noted that these munitions are being supplied by the British MoD.

Another factor is that it could take up to two years to obtain the parts required for N-LAW.

< p> McBride added that the sooner the order comes in, the sooner they will be able to ramp up production.

Currently, the plant is undergoing extensive work on upgrading equipment and the possibility of further expansion of production lines.

They also almost doubled the number of employees — from 500 to 900 on two objects.

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