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Russia is massively attacked by drones: UAVs were “caught” in the Kaluga, Tula and Moscow regions

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr20,2024

Russia is under massive attack by drones: UAVs were

There is concern again in Russia. In the evening of April 20, the aggressor country was attacked by drones. Enemy air defense was allegedly working in a number of regions.

The occupiers are actively reporting on the allegedly successful work. 24 Kanal writes about this with reference to rosZMI  works powerfully on drones. They said that several drones were shot down in the Zhukovsky district of the Kaluga region. The propagandists reported this at around 19:30.

However, they soon announced that a “carpet” had been declared over the Kaluga region. Skies are closed.

Quick reference. This signal means that all aircraft should land immediately or leave the area due to “unknown flying objects”.

Also, the occupiers write about the alleged appearance of a “weather probe” – of an unmanned aerostat that carries explosives and drops them following a GPS tracker signal.

The enemy Ministry of Defense announced the alleged downing of two “small balloons” over the Tula and Moscow regions around 19:00 (local time ).

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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