Russia is creating crises, so that Europe was inspired by the power of values, – Zelensky

Russia is creating crises, so that Europe was inspired by the power of values, – Zelensky

Russia creates crises, so that Europe was inspired by the values ​​of power, - Zelensky

Russia wants, so that Europe flattened its eyes on war, moved on the basis of its values, and provoked internal chaos, crises in Europe for the sake of it.

on the website of the head of state.

"Russia wants to take away freedom from us by force of the enemy, and you– tsimi crises, like they are creating that zagostroy. Russia wants to embarrass you in the light of European values. Axis of correct vysnovok іz nayavnyh facts. І on the basis of which vysnovka needs a correct policy. The policy of a bigger discussion, having said the Prime Minister at once, has been discussed in Europe for the sake of our drunken zakhist. The policy of greater energy independence of Europe and Russia. The policy of even greater sanctions against Russia,” Zelensky said."Schob razrobili pardons vysnovki and waived European values ​​at the expense of the primary reduction in prices. Russia victorious economic terror, pressing the price crisis and vigilance, to weaken Europe… Itself on the same time the Russian state, its settlers and companies – so, like "Gazprom". On the creation of a crisis and on those that the crisis turned into a catastrophe,” the head of state announced.

Zelensky called on the European partners to speed up the Ukrainian system of gas pipelines and help Ukraine.

"We may have a unique system of gas pipelines with a total capacity of over 30 billion cubic meters near the cordon of the European Union. We are asked: how can you help? The axis is so practical – Vykoristayte our gazoshishishcha already in this season. Today, for example, we have a great deal of – 15 billion cubes. Ukraine needs 3 billion additional reserves, which we ask you to save in us, and another 12 billion cubic meters – tse mozhe buti gas, the necessary charge for the security of the usієї Єuropi. You can help us. I will be your help and to us, and to yourselves,” the President said.

The President added that Ukraine also has a significant amount of natural gas. If you ask investors, contractors and service companies, come to the gas bottlers in Ukraine. 

"Would you like to pragmatically help us– be kind, tse іstrument. Take away licenses, arrange for distribution of products, conduct exploration and drilling. We would bless you. Our relatives of the gas can play the same stabilizing role for Europe, like the relatives, zokrema, Norway”, – appointing the head of the state.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich