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Russia is building aviation hangars to protect against Ukrainian drones and missiles

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May29,2024

Russia is building aviation hangars to protect against Ukrainian drones and missiles

The occupying army has started building protective hangars for its own aircraft 300 km from the border with Ukraine. 

What is known about the attempts of the Russian army to protect its own aircraft from attacks by Ukrainian missiles and drones

It is noted that the construction of protective hangars by the aggressor country for its own aircraft was recorded by satellites at Marinovkau airfield in the Volgograd region of the Russian Federation, 300 km from the Ukrainian border.< /p>

In particular, satellite images show 12 hangar structures that are supposed to protect Su-24 front-line bombers and Su-34 fighter-bombers.

According to the portal, the Russian occupiers hope that these hangars will protect their aviation from attacks by Ukrainian attack drones and additional ATACMS missile ammunition. , the hangars will not allow satellites and other optical detection means to know whether the hangar is empty or the aircraft is parked there.

Currently, it is not known what materials the hangars are made of, but judging by their appearance, they are probably with minimal protection from debris.

What is known about Russia's attempts to protect the Crimean Bridge
According to the spokesperson of the Southern Defense Forces Dmytro Pletenchuk in his comments to the journalists of the “Pryamiy” TV channel, the occupying army of the Russian Federation significantly strengthened the protection of the illegally built Crimean Bridge.

Although one of the components of the protection of this bridge has already been actually knocked out — this is the surface component. In other words, this bridge is actually no longer protected from the sea. On the other hand, they strongly increased the air component, — explains Pletenchuk.

He emphasized that the Russian occupiers can actually no longer protect the bridge from the sea.

The spokesperson of the Southern Defense Forces noted that the criminal army of the Russian Federation uses a large number of aircraft of various types for protection bridge.

This is actually a park, apparently, represented by all the machines that are in the possession of the armed forces and the fleet of the Russian Federation. These are several models of Su, starting from the 24th and ending with the latest 35th, and even more. I will say that we saw a very, very rare “beast” in the air. They had one there — “there are no analogues in the world”, — emphasized Pletenchuk.

He explained that it is very difficult to destroy such an object as the Crimean Bridge.

In addition, the military officer noted that there are certain doubts about the expediency of destroying the bridge right now.< /p>

And again, there are many questions about the expediency as of now. Therefore, we will see how the course of events will develop. The bridge has already been targeted several times, — added Pletenchuk.

Natasha Kumar

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