Russia hit on the export of oil from Kazakhstan to Europe. What does it mean

Russia hit on the export of oil from Kazakhstan to Europe. What does it mean

  • Russia hit oil exports from Kazakhstan to Europe. What does it mean

    The Russian Federation has imposed a tax on the main route for transporting energy resources to the CPC Main Pipeline.

  • Moscow said that it was necessary to change the waters of the Caspian Sea and the work should be started on the cob of lime-2022.
  • In ZMI there was information that Nur-Sultan was mirrored in the world with Russian wagons. until the end of Chernya 2022. The price of nothing is due to destruction of coastal watersthrough raptovo known mini-hours of the Other World. News has appeared in the information space that Kazakhstan has blocked 1,700 wagons from railways.

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    The fence has been taken apart, what can be fake, but what not. That rozpovidaє about the possibility of the destruction of the waters of the dry lands, which can lead to an economic war. : RF closed the way

    On March 19, 2022, the Russian Federation closed the oil supply from Kazakhstan through the oil pipeline of the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) at the port of Novorossiysk, write Russian Kommersant. Two of the three wine berthing outbuildings (WFP) have been awarded to the robot.

    The official reason was the change of the water area of ​​the sea terminal after unexploded mines and shells during the Other Light War. For earlier information, about 50 such vibration-unsafe objects have been identified. “The cob” of “special operations” was not allowed to complete all the work. Apparently, some of these objects are located at a distance of less than 100 meters from the underwater oil pipeline leading to the wine berthing outbuildings. The robots are really not safe,” Kommersant quotes his own.

    The robots were sent 20 roubles, and at least until the end of the month. It should be noted that the demand for Kazakh oil can be delayed for some time.

    The main CPC oil pipeline is the main route for transporting Kazakh oil to Europe. The wine can stretch over 1,500 km and the river pumps close to 67 million tons of oil (approximately 700,000 barrels per production).

    Russia hit oil exports from Kazakhstan to Europe. What does it mean

    CPC main oil pipeline. Photo: Sergey Guryanov/Twitter

    The Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan, Bolat Akchulakov, announced that the timely suspension of two WFPs is not related to exports. In other words, from 1 chervn to 15 linden on the great Caspian birthplace of Kashagan, scheduled repairs are being carried out, so for the transportation of the changed volumes of one runway, it’s enough.

    Kazakhstan blocking 1700 wagons to the Russian Vugills

    Tsikavo, Shoku Zranku 20 worm in Medijavavivavilovavili Vydomalenni, Shi Kazakhstan Nibitito, having blocked in his Teritaic 1700, Half -Wagon Iz Rosiysky Vugilles. . “Actually, there are no 1,700 wagons from Russian Vugillas on the territory of Kazakhstan. On the stakes of the republican railways, there are no wagons with vugills, which stand directly between Kazakhstan and Kazakhstan. Everything is in normal mode with Russian Railways, there are no daily delays for exports and imports, ”read on.

    Utіm tse tse vіdbulosa sche vіtnі 2022 to the fate: thіѕ thе Pivnіchnokavkazka zalіznytі got stuck over 1700 wagons wіth the Russian vikopnіm paliv.

    Russia hit oil exports from Kazakhstan to Europe. What does it mean

    Russia hit oil exports from Kazakhstan to Europe. What does it mean

    Telegrams are attached to the transit of the Russian Vugill through Kazakhstan. Photo: We can explain/Telegram

    This is also the way the official Nur-Sultan in advance supports the European ban on the embargo against the Russian Federation, as if it is possible to apply for Serpni-2022 in advance. Previously, Kazakh high-profile residents planned not to let Kazakhstan be destroyed by the Kremlin’s tool to circumvent foreign sanctions.

    : announce Kasim-Jomart Tokaev

    Chimalo Expertiv, the magazine, the intended obstacle of the Kazakhskoe naphti at the Novorosiyska Zvoslovanni Tokawa PID Hour of the Petersburg Ekonomachny Forum (PMEF) 17 Chervnya 2022 Rock.

    Ale Nami 15 more worms were announced about the launching of two runways. And if the anti-Russian sanctions were supported by Kazakhstan, then the decision was made.

    On the eve of a late session with the President of the Russian Federation Volodymyr Putin, he publicly announced that this country does not want to recognize the “DPR/LPR”, calling them quasi-powerful governments. “Because of the principles of the UN Statute on the right of nations to self-determination, then the deputy of 193 countries participating in the UN will have over 500-600 powers appear in the world. Surely, there will be chaos. That is why we do not recognize Taiwan, Kosovo, Pivdenny Ossetia, or Abkhazia. It is obvious that the principle will be stasis and to the quasi-power establishments of the “LPR” and “DPR”, the leader explained to Kazakhstan. Russia at war against Ukraine. Why is the Kazakh president vіdpovіv, yogo kraїna is not the fault of the Russian Federation and not goiter is to promote aggression against the other sovereign krai.

    In general, Kazakhstan step by step pozbuvaє rosіyskoy kolіonіїnіїї їїї їніїніїніїні Zokrema varto signifies the promotion of the new Latin alphabet, the replacement of the Cyrillic alphabet and the lower de-Russification solutions of the remaining roki.