Russia has no chance, it will fall apart – opinion

Russia has no chance, it will fall apart – opinion

Russia has no chance, it will disintegrate - opinion

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After February 24, prerequisites for disintegration are noticeable in Russia, as happened in 1991 with the Soviet Union. But the role of Ukraine in this process is the main one, but you need to understand that empires (be it the Russian Empire or the USSR) do not just fall apart.

Rostyslav Smirnov, adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, expressed his opinion on the air of Apostrophe TV and noted that not only economic factors and public discontent play a role – cataclysms within the country are also important here.

"They have a certain social contract with their territories, which sounds something like this: we have an "empire of greatness" here, the whole world is afraid of us, and you, for your part, pretend that everything suits you, and we, for our part, do not touch. That is why Putin cannot mobilize, why he does not call the war a war. Because on the one hand there are territories that agree with this “greatness” so that they are not touched, and on the other hand, they do not touch the authorities when elections are held and all these castlings are a complete farce. That's all. But when there is a defeat, many questions will arise. And we must understand that the revolution in this country is not made by people, as they do in Ukraine, but by elites. The elites already understand that “the king is naked”, and this story will start,” the official said.

He added that in December the sanctions will actually begin to operate, which the Russians will feel on themselves. In addition, they will have elections that will require a lot of cash injections.

"It will be difficult for them to explain where our army is, where the funds have gone, and much more. These questions are already being asked. Not yet in the majority, this is not a fast process, but this process will be started by the elites. There will be many processes, but even in our lifetime we will see the collapse of this country,” Smirnov believes.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich