Russia has never skimped on money to bribe European politicians, – opinion

Russia has never skimped on money to bribe European politicians, – opinion

Russia has never been stingy with money to bribe European politicians - opinion

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With the help of money, Russia can influence French President Emmanuel Macron.

This opinion was voiced by military expert Oleg Zhdanov to UNN and said that the Bulgarian journalist, chief investigator of the international group Bellingcat Christ Grozev has a list of 600 names of politicians corrupted by Russia, among whom may be the first persons of Europe.

“I think that (Russia – ed.) influences and, most likely, not so much by force as by money. The Russian Federation has always taken money. There is such Hristo Grozev, the head of Bellingcat, who announced a year ago that he has a list of 600 names of European politicians who were corrupted by the Russian Federation. He did a massive investigation (…). I think that we can see by the way there (in this list – ed.) and the first persons of Europe.

The fact is that Russia had a lot of money and black cash. Some sources say that money was transported to Europe in suitcases, diplomatic mail, so that there was cash that could not be tracked in bank accounts, so they corrupted Europe and simply bought it up,” Zhdanov explained.

He added that Putin and his supporters can manipulate both Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen with money and gave one example from the history of the relationship between these two countries.

“How Putin manipulated Macron through Le Pen in election time? I think it is quite possible that through money. Remember there was such Serdyukov, the Minister of Defense in the Russian Federation? Where did he order the Mistral landing craft? In France. And why was he removed? There was a criminal case that he took a 10% kickback under this contract.

The state contract was for 3.2 billion euros, France built these Mistrals; – Macron was then finance minister. This contract went through him. This is just an example to think about, it is not a statement of fact. The T-72 has French sights, the Orlan UAV, which was recently shot down by our fighters, has a French-made matrix in it. I don’t know if there will be an EU investigation or not, but there is a serial number on the matrix, you can find out how it got into the Russian Federation at a time when sanctions have been in effect against Russia for 8 years, – said Oleg Zhdanov.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich