Russia accused the US of blocking Kaliningrad

Russia accused the US of blocking Kaliningrad

The Russian Foreign Ministry has accused the United States of putting pressure on Lithuania, allegedly as a result of which the country has banned the import of sanctioned goods from the Russian mainland to Kaliningrad. This was reported by Reuters on Friday, June 24.

Russia accused the United States of blocking Kaliningrad

The so-called “collective West” on the direct instructions of the White House, introduced a ban on the rail transit of a wide range of goods through the Kaliningrad region. This move was part of a pattern of increasingly hostile American actions” towards Russia“,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

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Moscow also said that Washington's refusal to lift its airspace sanctions and allow a Russian plane to fly to the United States to meet with Russian diplomats showed insincerity in calls for dialogue. Russia indicated that it was impossible to hold consultations at the expert level with Washington on a number of bilateral issues that were to be held in the near future. At the same time, there was no clarification of what issues were discussed and when negotiations should take place.