Russell, from Mercedes, will start on pole at the Brazilian GP

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  • Russell, from Mercedes, will start on pole at the Brazilian GP

    Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and George Russell , congratulate each other after the sprint race of the Brazilian Grand Prix, at the Interlagos circuit, in Sao Paulo.

British Mercedes driver George Russell won the title. This Saturday the qualifying race of the Brazilian F1 GP will start. This Sunday he was in first position, ahead of his teammate, the Englishman Lewis Hamilton, and the Dutchman Max Verstappen (Red Bull). 

In an exciting race With several lead changes, Russell was the fastest to complete the 24 laps of the qualifying race at the Interlagos circuit in Sao Paulo and managed to win the lead. the second pole position of his career, allowing Mercedes to place its two drivers in the front row.

The Spanish Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) finished the race. in second position, although he was penalized on Friday with five positions by the FIA ​​for having changed the engine for the sixth time this season (twice as much as allowed) and will start in second place. in seventh place.

The Danish Kevin Magnussen (Haas), who surprised the Frenchman on Friday. setting the fastest time in practice, he barely held out. two and a half laps in the lead. In one of the first corners at the start of the third lap, the brand new F1 World Cup winner, the Dutchman Verstappen, who came out of the car. second, he took the lead. 

As the laps went by, Russell closed in on Verstappen and the two staged an intense duel that ended with Verstappen's victory. favoring Carlos Sainz and Hamilton, who approached both. 

In the 15th; Turning around, Russell finally got the hang of it. He overtook Verstappen and managed to win. open more than a second lead. 

In the 19th round, the Dutchman hit the ball. with Carlos Sainz, when he was trying to overtake him, and he lost his way. He ripped off part of the front wing, which ended up being a rotten car. being passed by Sainz and Hamilton, unable to disturb a solid Russell. 

Mexican Sebastián Pérez (Red Bull) was fifth, followed by Charles Leclerc (Ferrari), Lando Norris (McLaren) and Magnussenn, who completed the eight drivers who scored points. 

Two-time world champion Fernando Alonso (Alpine) had to retire after touching his car at the start with that of his partner, the Frenchman Estéban Ocon. 

< strong>Front line for Mercedes
"The car is ready. running very well. I'm very happy. Now it's about making a good strategy to win tomorrow too, “said Mr. Russell spoke to the press after winning the sprint. 

The Brit also commented on the fact that he hadn't been able to do it. the fact that Mercedes will have its two drivers in the front row, with second place going to Lewis Hamilton. 

“It's crazy to think we're starting in the front row. We are in a luxury position where perhaps we can split the strategy and go for the win”, he added. 

At 24 years old and with 80 GP contested, Russell hopes to achieve in Brazil his first victory in F1, with a Hamilton who wants to make history and be the first driver to win at least one race in his 16 seasons on the circuit. 

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