Rugby World Cup: Get Relentless on Team Emblems

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ge culture Thanks to the exhibition at the Natural History Museum of Toulouse, the rugby team jerseys will no longer have any secrets for you < iframe width="600" height="400" src="// stars%26subcategory%3Dcupe_du_monde_de_rugby%2Crugby%2Cxv_de_france%2Cengland%2Cecosse%2Cafrique_du_sud%2Cfidji%2Cpays_de_galles%2Cargentine%2Carts-stars%2Csport%2Cmusee%2Ctoulouse%2Cmidi-pyrenees%2Haute-garonne" referrerpolicy ='no-referrer-when-downgrade 'frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" hspace="0" vspace="0" webkitallowfullscreen="true" mozallowfullscreen="true" allowfullscreen="true" allow="autoplay "> Rugby: Become an expert on the emblems of national teams — 20 Minutes

  • The Rugby World Cup gets off to a flying start this Friday with the France-New Zealand match or rather Rooster-Fougère…
  • Two emblems and two stories for these coats of arms as for all the other nations of the competition.
  • In Toulouse, an exhibition at the Natural History Museum tells the story behind these symbols. 20 Minutes offers you a small compilation.

Puma, clover, coconut tree, rooster, etc. The emblems of the nations participating in the the Rugby World Cup all have a story. And the Natural History Museum of Toulouse recounts them in the exhibition Naturally rugby launched in 2008. on the occasion of the competition which starts this Friday, in France. As for the editorial staff of 20 Minutes, it has made a selection for you, just so that you can shine ahead of Australia-Fiji on Saturday.

  • Le cocorico French

It’s story of the rooster that continues to sing with your feet in the shit… We know her. But the choice of our national emblem, we owe it to our best enemies: the English. This bird that adorns the jersey of the XV of France since the first victory of the Five Nations in 1910 was born. numerous puns between the Gallus rooster and the Galli Gaul. The English had fun at this game. highlight the singularity between the two words and pointed out that the French, especially King Philippe Auguste were as proud as the barnyard animal. The rooster nevertheless remains the symbol of combativeness, of pride; and beauty.

Rugby World Cup world of rugby: Become relentless on team emblems

The rooster as proud as the players who wear it. – JOHN SPENCER/SIPA

  • Scottish coal

Coal, a rustic flower with sharp prickles, symbolizes the resistance of the Scottish people against the English people. A legend has it that in the 11th century, Vikings attempted to to conquer Scotland by attacking by night. They took off their shoes to be more discreet without thinking of possible coals on the road. They will sound the alarm with their cries of pain…allowing the Scots to take advantage and save the country.

  • The South African Springbok< /li>

The players of the South African rugby team are nicknamed the Springboks after the gazelles that are very common in the country. Players would come close in speed and agility. This symbol is associated with that of a royal Proteus, the emblematic flower of the country which has been added to jerseys in 1994, the end of Apartheid.

  • The English rose

A little less in derision than to nickname the French, the English chose the Tudor rose. This flower has been their symbol since the end of the 15th century. Red with a white heart, it represents the union of the royal house of Lancaster (a red rose) and that of York (a white rose) with the outcome of the Wars of the Roses. Ironically, the real name of this rose is… the rose of France (Rosa gallica).

  • The fern of the All Blacks

Invariably associated in the black jersey marked; of the fern, the New Zealand XV has worn this symbol since 1888. And for good reason, ferns are very widespread in New Zealand. It is also called Fernland which means land of ferns. For the side black, the color would represent for the players the mourning of their opponents… Atmosphere.

Coupe du world of rugby: Become relentless on the team emblems

During the famous New Zealand Haka. – Craig Butland/lintottphoto/Shutt/SIPA

  • Jaguar and puma for Argentinians

Argentinian players are called Los Pumas. Yet until 2023, their emblem was the jaguar. Following; an error by a journalist in 1965, confusion arose between the two very different felines. The puma is a model of perseverance and determination.

  • Ostrich feathers for Wales

The Wales team crest consists of of three ostrich feathers in reference to the victorious Battle of Crécy in 1346 at the heart of the Hundred Years War. Indeed, the Prince of Wales Edward of Woodstock received from his father Edward III, King of England, the three feathers that adorned the helmet of John 1st, their adversary who died in battle.

  • The Fijian coconut tree

This tree is a strong symbol of the practice of rugby in the country. Its wood is often used à the construction of the poles and its fruit, the coconut can sometimes act as a makeshift ball for the children…