Rubiales-Hermoso affair: The coach of the world champions regrets the “inappropriate behavior” of its president

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WOMEN'S FOOTBALL A lip service from the coach of the Spanish team, until now fervent support from its president

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Jorge Vilda alongside Luis Rubiales when the scandal had not yet broken out. — Saeed KHAN

Spain women’s football team coach Jorge Vilda said Saturday night that he regretted the “inappropriate behavior” de Rubiales, accused; of sexual assault by Spanish international Jenni Hermoso in the World Cup final after the World Cup final.

“I regret that the victory for women’s football was tarnished by inappropriate behavior; that our highest leader to date, Luis Rubiales, has shown and has recognized himself,” the coach”s first said in a statement. handed over to the EFE agency and taken up by several Spanish media.

A belated and very timid distancing, for the one who was still clapping at the top. breaking everything off its president during the latter's lunar press conference in the middle of the week. Vilda, who was promised an insane increase in mondiovision during one of the many projections moved from Rubiales to the headquarters of the Spanish federation (awkward moment ++ ++), didn’t really have a choice: six members of the coaching staff of the women’s team of Spain, crowned world champions last Sunday at the Olympic Games. Sydney, had shown more courage than him by tendering their resignation on Friday, expressing “their firm and categorical condemnation of Luis Rubiales’s behavior towards to Jennifer Hermoso”.