Rubiales case: The Spanish Football Federation calls for the “immediate” resignation of its president

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exit Luis Rubiales forced a kiss on player Jenni Hermoso after the World Cup victory

Rubiales affair: The Spanish Federation calls for the “immediate” resignation of its president

Will Luis Rubiales resign? (Illustrative photo). — MARCA/SIPA

The presidents of the regional federations, summoned by the interim president of the Spanish Football Federation, have requested Monday the immediate resignation of Luis Rubiales after his forced kiss; on world champion Jenni Hermoso. On the judicial level, the Spanish public prosecutor's office announced; earlier in the day the opening of a preliminary investigation for « sexual assault ».

“After the recent events and unacceptable behaviors that have severely affected impairment of the image of Spanish football, the presidents ask Luis Rubiales to immediately tender his resignation as president of the RFEF” of the federation.

Emergency meeting

The call was diffused to the outcome of a meeting of the regional presidents of the federation, convened urgently by Pedro Rocha, who has held the interim presidency of the RFEF since Luis Rubiales has been suspended from duty by Fifa, the international football body.

They also pronounce themselves for « a deep and immediate restructuring of the Federation's strategic positions in order to pave the way for a new stage in the management of Spanish football ». The pressure didn't stop. to rise and has intensified in recent days, since Rubiales, 46, announced to to everyone's surprise last Friday that he refused to resign.

« Misdemeanor Sexual Assault »

After Fifa's decision to suspend it on Saturday « of any activity related to football at national and international level » for 90 days, he is now under preliminary investigation for sexual assault. This survey, specified the floor in a release, relates to « facts that could constitute a crime of sexual assault ».

Spanish justice invites Jenni Hermoso to get in touch “ within 15 days » in order to be « informed of her rights as a victim » and “ file a complaint » if she wishes. According to the prosecutor's office, a complaint from the 33-year-old Spanish international is essential for the launch of any legal proceedings against him. against the president of the RFEF, specified a spokesperson at; AFP.

Seized by the Spanish government, the Administrative Court for Sports (TAD) met for its part on Monday to study the complaint of the left executive against Luis Rubiales.