Rubiales case: The president of the Spanish federation announces that he will resign

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Controversy Luis Rubiales, 48, sparked a wave of global indignation by kissing Spanish international Jenni Hermoso on the lips by surprise on August 20 last. Until then he refused to resign

Rubiales affair: The president of the Spanish federation announces that he will resign

Luis Rubiales, president of the Spanish Football Federation, August 20, 2023. — GABRIEL BOUYS

Ever since his “forced kiss” in mondiovision against one of the Spanish world champions, Jenni Hermoso, last August 20, Luis Rubiales, was on an ejection seat. Everyone expected this to happen. what he already presents his resignation on August 25. The president of the Spanish Football Federation ultimately did nothing about it, getting further bogged down in an affair of state.

End clap two weeks later? This Sunday, Luis Rubiales, already suspended by FIFA since August 26 for 90 days, ended up announcing that he was going to resign from his post. “About my resignation, yes, I will, yes, because I can’t continue my work,” to English TV journalist Piers Morgan.

Faced with sexual assault charges

Rubiales, aged 48 years old, triggered a wave of global indignation by kissing the Spanish international Jenny Hermoso on the mouth and by surprise after the victory of the Spanish team in the final of the World Cup, on August 20 in ; Sydney.

In addition to this suspension by Fifa, Luis Rubiales also risks being prosecuted for “sexual assault” by the Spanish courts, the prosecution having requested Friday his indictment.

Since a recent reform of the Spanish Penal Code, a non-consensual kiss can be considered criminal. such as sexual assault, a criminal category bringing together all types of sexual violence.

Luis Rubiales, who claimed it was a “consensual kiss,” until then to resign and counter-attacked; while castigating the 25 august a supposed; “False feminism” and argued that he had obtained the player’s permission before kissing her.

Spanish football in chaos

A version denied by Jenni Hermoso, who said she “felt vulnerable and victim (…) of an impulsive act and sexist, inappropriate and without any consent from (his) part”. The striker decided to file a complaint. 

This case has plunged; Spanish football in chaos and éclipsé the world title of the women’s national team. Criticized by his players, coach Jorge Vilda, close to Rubiales, was sacked Tuesday by the federation and replaced; by his former assistant, Montse Tomé.