Rubiales case: Forced kiss 'should never have happened', says Fifa President Gianni Infantino

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reaction Silent since the scandal began, Gianni Infantino says the celebrations “were ruined”

Case Rubiales: The forced kiss “never should have happened, according to Fifa President Gianni Infantino

Fifa President Gianni Infantino after the victory of the Spanish team at the Women's World Cup on August 20, 2023. — Keith McInnes/SPP//SIPA

He finally speaks. The president of the International Football Federation, Gianni Infantino, reacted for the first time on Thursday to the scandal of the forced kiss. given by Luis Rubiales, suspended boss of Spanish football, believing that “it should never have been happen.

“The well-deserved celebrations of these magnificent champions have gone down well. spoiled by what happened after the final whistle. And what went on to happen in the following days,” the leader wrote on his Instagram account.

“It never should have happened. occur. But it happened and the disciplinary bodies of Fifa immediately took charge. their responsibilities and taken the necessary measures,” Gianni Infantino.

“”Supporting women more”

Luis Rubiales provoked a wave of indignation at around the world by forcibly kissing the Spanish international Jenni Hermoso during the medal ceremony after Spain’s coronation in the final of the World Cup-2023, on August 20, 2020. Sydney.

Fifa, which on August 24 opened disciplinary proceedings against against him, suspended him two days later from all football activities at national and international level for a period of 90 days, the time of the investigation.

&laquo ; The disciplinary proceedings will continue their legitimate course,” observes Gianni Infantino in the message posted. on Instagram, accompanying ten photos taken in the moments following the victory of La Roja where we see it with the Spaniards on the podium.

“On our side,” focus on how to further support women and women’s football the future, both on and off the pitch. Stand up for true values ​​and respect the players as people and for their fantastic performances,” he continues.

Investigated for “sexual assault”

In Spain, the Spanish Public Prosecutor's Office announced; Monday the opening of a preliminary investigation into “sexual assault” aimed at Luis Rubiales, who defends himself and speaks of a “consensual kiss”, a version categorically denied by Jenni Hermoso.

The suspended president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) is also targeted. by a complaint by the Spanish government to the Administrative Sports Court (TAD), the competent court in Spain for sports matters.

If the TAD deems it admissible and decides to open a procedure, the government may then, within 48 hours, suspend him from his duties until the case is judged on the merits. The presidents of the regional federations of Spanish football, summoned urgently on Monday by the interim president of the RFEF, called on their side to his immediate resignation.