Royal biographer: Prince Harry is doomed to an unhappy marriage

Lady Colin Campbell expressed personal assumptions about what would be the family life of a former pretender to the throne of great Britain. Royal biographer believes that Prince Harry is doomed to an unhappy marriage.

Королевский биограф: Принц Гарри обречён на несчастливый брак

You know, at the moment, the youngest son of Princess Diana lives in the USA. To leave this country and get the opportunity to run a business there, Prince Harry refused the right to become the head of the United Kingdom, if the opportunity were presented to him. Accordingly, his successor also will not be able to be king. Also, he can not now enjoy a number of privileges previously available. However, the Duke of Sussex took this step for the couple. Their relationship developed much faster than is customary among members of the Royal dynasty of great Britain. Because of this, he had disagreements with his older brother, Prince William. In love with Meghan Markle didn’t listen to advice, and hastened to propose to her, and to have a wedding.

As it turned out, the American actress could not join the family and feel there in its place. While Lady Colin Campbell, who wrote not one book about the ruling dynasty, is convinced, because of the things Hollywood stars Prince Harry will experience mental distress. He is doomed to an unhappy marriage, as the spouse has a more solid character and will suppress the beloved. It is not excluded that she planned to leave the new house for a long time. The ambition of the Duchess of Sussex may in the future bring it to the presidential election for the presidency of the United States, and because she does not need to associate voters with the UK.

Royal biographer is not the first time publishes works that unflattering comments about the choice of the royals. In 1992, the Writer presented a paper on Princess Diana. In his writings, that did incredible statement about the mother of the heirs to the throne. In addition, the author pointed out that the mother of Queen Elizabeth II is the daughter of the chef from France. Historians had to present a rebuttal.

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