Roy Barreras “flirts” with Vargas Lleras to make him run for mayor of Bogotá

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The senator from the government party issued a warning before sending the tempting message to the Cambio Radical politician: “Don't let my comrades in the Pact shoot me ”

Roy Barreras

Roy Barreras flirts with Vargas Lleras so that he can run for mayor of Bogotá

Roy Barreras and Germán Vargas Lleras have an eternal relationship of love and hate, taunts come and go . In a few months they can go from supporting the campaign to launching strong criticism and until a few hours ago Roy Barreras sent a couple of flowers to Vargas Lleras and indicated that he would be an excellent mayor of the city of Bogota, without having previously insisted on not being riddled with bullets by the comrades of the Historical Pact.

That my comrades do not shoot me in the i> Pact… but @German_Vargas could be a great Mayor for Bogotá. Objectivity and balance in judgments must prevail over dislikes. (It remains to be seen if someone injects him with social sensitivity and a pinch of humanity)”, wrote Roy Barreras, also in his tweet he inserted the image of the weekend column published by Germán Vargas Lleras, where he exposes strong criticism against the former mayor of Bogotá, Enrique Peñalosa.

At the end of Roy Barreras's text, he does not let a sarcastic comment pass, in which he puts in brackets: “We would have to see if someone injects him with social sensitivity and a pinch of humanity”, with this sentence he gave his comment the final blow.

Roy Barreras ‘flirts’ with Vargas Lleras to make him run for mayor of Bogota

Roy Barreras flirts with Vargas Lleras so that he can run for mayor of Bogotá

German Vargas Lleras has not responded to the flirtation of the president of the Senate of the Republic, but what he can be feasible, is that he wants to run for Bogotá mayor's officeTherefore, his opinion column was very forceful regarding the mobility of Bogotá and a strong criticism of a former mayor of the capital city of Colombia.

First love, then hate and return to love A memory of the love between this pair of politicians was in 2018, Roy Barreras made a strong defense of the current leader of Cambio Radicaland he even claimed that he was the only one who could stop Petro from coming to power. What's more, he even said that the political project of his current leader and head of state was an epidemic.

You are the vaccine against this epidemic, you are the one who must defeat Petro to defeat Duque because that is the threat of polarization”, Roy Barreras proclaimed in a wounded cry.

One of those who brought up that old pronouncement, in which the current president of the Senate also said that Vargas Lleras would save Colombia from a “paradox”, was congresswoman Carolina Arbeláez, who is a member of Cambio Radical, the same one who runs the former presidential candidate and who came in fourth in the 2018 presidential elections.

Very recently, Senator Roy Barreras thought that @German_Vargas it was the vaccine against the Gustavo Petro epidemic. He is part of the 'change', but he changes sides often or for convenience”,questioned Senator Arbeláez, and teammate of Vargas Lleras, in a trill on her Twitter profile.

After this love came hate, Germán Vargas Lleras He assured that there is a “dictatorship” in the Congress of the Republic, because according to him, dozens of articles have been approved en bloc, without further debate, and making use of the so-called “steamroller” that the National Government has.

“…The Government of the so-called change intends in just two weeks to evacuate the National Budget, the complex public order law or legal framework for Total Peace, the legislative act of political reform, the Agrarian Court, the recreational use of cannabis, the Electoral Code and, of course, the aforementioned tax reform”, Vargas Lleras wrote in his column.

Given this, the president of the Senate, Roy Barreras, from the Historical Pact coalition, and which has worked alongside the government to promote bills that obey its political agenda, responded on his Twitter account that:

Dear @German_Vargas, there is no dictatorship in Congress, there is efficiency, and on the contrary, the #CongresoDelCambio was renewed by more than 60% and the historical parties were released and tuned in with the winds change. (A party is still missing under authoritarian cohesion. )”, he wrote.

In the midst of the controversies, this story of love and hatred between two faithful representatives of the traditional Colombian politics.