RosZMI: Shoigu is no longer Putin's favorite

RosZMI: Shoigu is no longer Putin's favorite

Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergiy Shoigu has ceased to be Putin's favorite. The president of the aggressor country is unselfishly devoted to the military leaders, as if they were charged with conducting military operations in Ukraine, writing “Important stories” with messages to the dzherel.

RosZMI: Shoigu has ceased to be Putin's favorite

Designed, before the full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine, Putin showed special respect for Shoigu. The stench repeatedly passed the exit.

“Such an intimacy with the president was not instilled by old St. Petersburg friends. You and the Minister of Defense were clearly in pain, let's talk about it. Officially, the Kremlin said that in the spring of 2021, the stench in nature could discuss Shoigu’s idea about the creation of new places in Siberia. Ale Tsey Project Opchetka Vyglyadavat is not unearly (Zi old Sibirskiy MISTAM not all garazd: up to 2021 Roku Sibirah quickly, NIZH per 100 Tysyach residents on RIK.) Namy, far away from the TsIville -in -reservoir. to the savage suffocation of Ukrainian cities,” reads the statistic.

People close to the General Staff of the Russian military forces sang “Important stories”, that since everything did not go according to plan, there was no blitzkrieg, and the occupiers recognized great losses, Shoigu wasted Putin’s trust. After the impassioned entrance to the Kiev straight line, Putin would insinuate especially the ruins of the military, and then soon he would move and now, over Shoigu’s head, without intermission, he would be glad of the military commanders, as if he were implacable for the battles.

Headquarters tell about the real camp in Ukraine, in the Ukrainian army and in the military operation itself

The head of the aggressor power is sticking on the cob, having publicly placed the Minister of Defense in an unruly camp, having voiced that he would not need any additional advice. In the midst of Putin and Shoigu, the pavements have changed, that the head of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation does not dare to infringe on decisions, as if he were respecting them for the necessary, designate “Important stories”.