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Rospropaganda is actively spreading among foreign media outlets

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun30,2024

Rospropaganda is actively spreading among foreigners

Russians are allowed to continue to show their heritage in visiting third parties, support those who will twist the tension of their aggressive war in order to call on Ukraine itself.

In the opinion of experts, the Voice of America is valuable in the butt of Crimea: the last snakes will come There are Kremlin quotes instead of illuminating the essence of the situation in the Russian war against Ukraine.

Thus, low observers expressed respect for the reported attack by the American armor on the Center for Space Nuclear Power and the impact in the immediately occupied Crimea.

The decision, confirmed by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, allowed the ZSU to be important at the military warehouse of the satellite sound system' language and navigation that helped Russians to live, quietly, for civil purposes in peaceful places.

The low level of the western media, such as the BBC, The Guardian, CNN, quoted the Russian side, which was outraged by the victims, who at the time of the attack were resting on the beaches of the Ukrainian island occupied by Russia.

At this, the German observer Jurgen Nauditt recorded: Russia is changing its message, justifying itself.

At first, the Russian Federation stated that it shot down an ATACMS missile (with its air defense system right over the Crimean beach), but then refused this version and accused Ukraine of a joint attack.

In his words, "one rule always works – “Russians always lie.”

Fabian Hoffmann, a researcher at the University of Oslo in Norway and an expert on combat missiles, draws journalists' attention to the fact that the footage in the video “does not at all resemble a targeted attack and it is very clear that it is the result of a …overshoot".” >

"The tourists were lucky, – writes Hoffmann, – that only a few M74 bombs were detonated near the beach, most – by the water. Otherwise it could have been a crooked bathhouse.”

Chicago WGN Radio journalist Joe Lindsley, who broadcast from Ukraine, showed in his video in episode X how English-language media copied Russian headlines, focused on the waste of people who read on the sovereign Ukrainian territory, buried by Russia.

< p>Instead, to show the essence of the idea: the development of a strategic military object, which would allow the Russians to mercilessly kill the peaceful meshkans of Ukraine.

"The negative story dominated the headlines. The Axis, like Russia, cares for thoughtless snakes,” – write to Lindsley.

Vin speaks up – people were killed by surplus Russian software, and not by the American surplus launched by the Ukrainians. In this case, even an American journalist, about the suffering Ukrainians, whom the Russians are blaming in the peaceful Kharkov, you can’t even guess.

"Where are the headlines about the civilians killed by the Russians near Kharkov just a few days ago? Where are the headlines about the successes of the Ukrainians in the victorious American army for the strengthening of the place, the intelligence of Russia is attacking strong people? “, – respects journalist Lindsley.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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