Rosneft set the rate of the 13th coupon of 001P-02 series bonds at 8.5% From IFX

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Rosneft (MCX:ROSN) has set the 13th coupon rate of 001P-02 series bonds at 8.5% per annum, the company said.

The 14th coupon rate will be calculated as the key rate of the Bank of Russia, effective as of the 5th business day preceding the coupon start date, plus 1%.

A ten-year issue worth 30 billion rubles was placed in December 2016 at a rate of 9.39% per annum. The current coupon rate is 12% per annum. The offer for the December 21 issue is to be executed.

Currently, there are 34 issues of the company's exchange-traded bonds in circulation for 2 trillion 966 billion rubles, 5 issues of classic bonds for 70 billion rubles, the issue USD-denominated exchange-traded bonds worth $2.5 billion and issuance of exchange-traded bonds worth 15 billion yuan.


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