Rosalía beat Fito Páez and Jorge Drexler at the Grammys for Best Latin Rock Album

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The Catalan artist won the United States Recording Academy Awards with her album “Motomami”

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Rosalía defeated Fito Páez and Jorge Drexler at the Grammys for Best Latin Rock Album

Rosalía celebrated her award on social networks, as she did not attend the celebration in Los Angeles (Photo by Mariano Regidor/Redferns)

Rosalía acquired the second Grammy of her career for her latest album, Motomami, at the 65th United States Recording Academy Awards, held this Sunday at the Arena Crypto, in Los Angeles, California.

The interpreter of La Fama raised the gramophone in the Best Latin or Alternative Rock Album category and prevailed over productions such as The Wild Years, by Fito Páez, Ink and Time, by Jorge Drexler, 1940 Carmen, by Mon < b>Laferte and Allegory, by Gaby Moreno.

Despite the fact that the Catalan singer did not attend the award ceremony, she celebrated her achievement through a publication on social networks, where she shared a couple of selfies.

For its part, it is also nominated for Best Long Form Video, for the presentation of the Motomami on the TikTok platform (Rosalía TikTok Live Performace). In this category, she competes with Adele (One Night Only), Justin Bieber (Our World), Billie Eilish (Live at te O2), among others.

His first encounter with the North American Grammys was in 2020 with his multi-award-winning album El Mal Querer, which earned him his first Grammy for Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album, and a nomination for Best New artist, where she was defeated by Megan Thee Stallion.

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