Ronaldo will not be able to debut for Al-Nasr due to the limit on foreign players

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Ronaldo will not be able to debut for Al-Nasr due to the limit on foreign players

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Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo will not be able to make his debut for "Al‑Nasr" in the next match due to the limit on legionnaires. It is reported by AFP with reference to a source in club. In Saudi Arabian championship you can enter no more than eight foreign players. Ronaldo became the ninth legionnaire in the club.

"Some of foreigners must leave the team, either by termination of the contract by mutual agreement, or through transfer. Such negotiations are ongoing, but they are far from the final stage”, — said a source in the club.

BAGNET recalls that on January 2, Cristiano Ronaldo became a player of Al-Nasr, under a contract with which he will receive €200 million in&nbsp ;year. The other day, he was officially introduced as a player of the club. Additional bonuses for the Portuguese and his family were also reported. So, for example, he will receive from the club accommodation in  a luxurious mansion, as well as a plane for flights to Portugal    Spain and increased attention to all his needs and the needs of his family.

In addition Uzbek striker “Al-Nasra” Jaloliddin Masharipov had to give up the 7th game number to Ronaldo.

Earlier Georgina Rodriguez, Ronaldo's fiancée, thanked "Al-Nasr" for the ceremony in honor of the signing of the Portuguese striker.

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